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    Airbag recall (takata)

    Dropping off my 2010 at the dealership on 7/30/18 for the appointment I made a while back. This is for the passenger side. I've had an intermittent airbag light. Maybe just a coincidence, but it seems it's on more since warmer weather arrived here in central Ohio. Either way, I wanted to know...
  2. work2do

    Turn signal, steering column, air bag ?

    Sounds like a desperation post lol. A ford tech will have seen these symptons (?) 2010 Ranger...base model....2.3 duratec/auto (140k)...has A/C. Other than exteded cab that's it. Crank windows, manual locks/windows, No cruise control...AM//FM radio, lol. (I'm a simple bastard that appreciates...
  3. work2do

    how does the duratech compare to the old 2.3?

    All due respect to all comments (adsm08...thanks !) I have had long term success with both engines. Late 80's to present with the Lima. Working on a turbo swap to a 1990 mustang. Have a high milage duratec (200k) in an 05 Mazda Tribute. Mrs. Is driving a 2017 Escape, 2.5 . Just bought a 2010...
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    Smoke from steering

    99 2.5 2wd 5spd.....Smoke came from steering column upon start up the other day. No other issues since though the key/cylinder sticks. I have heard there are issues with the hazard flasher and multi function switches. Since I need a to replace the clock sprin, I will be removing the steering...
  5. work2do

    Need M50D help/info

    99 2.5 Lima, 5 speed (assume its an m50d), 235k...due to lack of time and poor planning lol, had trans shop replace clutch at 205k...they mentioned a "slight drag" going into 4th, citing possible synchro wear. It has become increasingly difficult to shift into 2nd and 4th now. Bought it with 46k...
  6. work2do

    When do I change the timing chain?

    The timing belt should be replaced @ 100,000, however age should be considered too. On an 07' you're in good shape. My 99' 2.5 has 47,000 and I plan to replace it soon due to visible stress cracks....
  7. work2do

    1998 & Later upper ball joints CAN BE REPLACED

    :icon_cheers: Contrary to what most say, including Ford, Haynes Manual and members of this site, upper ball joints can be replaced without even removing the original factory upper control arms. My 99' Ranger 2WD coil spring truck now has 4 new ball joints (2 right side BJ's were done recently be...
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    Upper ball joints on 99'

    New member here thats thrilled to have this site. I'll be happy to contribute and help others too...Had an 01' 2.5 years ago that I took to 190,000 in 3years and replaced a timing belt, tires and little else with little troubles. Just bought the 99' supercab 2wd, 2.5 slow slug w/ 47,000 to make...