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  1. Ranger to F-150 trade...

    I had a guy contact me wanting to trade his 1995 F-150, for my 1993 Ranger. He has a single cab, long bed. I-6, 5spd, 4WD Thoughts" Opinions? Also, if I trade to a F-150, would I still be allowed to hang out at TRS? lol
  2. Anyone else drive a Ranger for work?

    Just started a new part time job driving parts for Advance. I love watching the other drivers fight over who gets the Chevy Colorado or Chevy Sonic. I always just grab the Ranger keys that no one wants. Reasons I hear I shouldn't like it: 1: It squeaks 2: It ticks 3: It acts "funny" at 55mph...
  3. Vehicle Attention Deficit Disorder

    My family claims I have Vehicle A.D.D.... Does anyone else have this problem? I get a vehicle, that runs good, and I sink money into, and then I wind up getting bored, and wanting to trade it off to something else. It is driving my family crazy, and me too honestly.... :icon_confused:
  4. Upgraded to Premium!

    This may not be the right place to post, but I just upgraded to premium!!! :headbang::headbang::yahoo::headbang::icon_hornsup:
  5. Driveway Paintjob

    Well, I got tired of the multi colored ranger (different shades of grey and black) so 4 cans of rustoleum primer later, here she is. I'm debating on going with OD green next... any thoughts? (BTW, for some reason, the previous owner stick welded, carved, keyed, and cut his name into this truck...
  6. Fuel Vomit

    Hey everyone. I have a '93 that apparently decided to puke it's fuel up. I filled up at the gas station, drove a half mile home, and parked it. I came out maybe 2 or 3 hours later and saw a fuel "stain" under the filler door. I checked the cap and it was tight, but when I opened it, it began to...
  7. The Ranger Ate More Money Today.

    Installed a new TPS, which I'm not sure fixed the problem, and put a fan shroud on. Not bad for one day I guess. Still have almost the entire A/C system to replace, a windshield to replace, and have to do something about that primer.... Fixed Or Repaired Daily.... but I still love my Ford...
  8. New From Tennessee

    Hey everyone. New to TRS, currently on my 3rd Ranger. Trying to get it right, or decide if I want to try and find a Ranger with bigger motor, and extended cab instead... Decisions, decisions. Anyway, glad to be here!:yahoo: