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    Simple things you hate doing?

    I hate fixing things. You roof your house, 20 years whips by and the roof is old and shingles are landing in the back yard. These giant Samsung front loader washer and dryer. The biggest-6 cubic feet I think. Stacked, they touch the ceiling. I glued a mirror to the ceiling so we could see to...
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    Help! Can I cap off a rear brakeline with a bolt?

    You don't need the rear brakes so it's best just to let them run dry. I wouldn't want one side working and the other not working, I don't think. My '74 Bonneville in high school lost it's rear brakes when I left the road and went through a cow fence, by accident. It only mattered on wet days...
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    Anyone else built/updated their computer recently?

    I bought: HIDevolution MSI Prestige 14 A10SC 14” FHD | Grey with Blue Diamond Cut | 1.6 GHz i5-10210U, GTX 1650 Max-Q, 16GB 2133MHz RAM, 512GB PCIe SSD I have been using the same Acer Aspire One since 2007. I have built a few computers for gaming, but not heavy stuff. Minecraft, Age of...
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    87 F150 Won’t Start

    Compression test? To me it seems like it's a weak pumper, or maybe it froze and cracked.
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    BF Goodrich are the best!

    I only care about big gaps and big lugs. I have Treadwrights on my truck, 2 years. They are terrible on the road. Can't balance them--it feels like square tires. I would have to bolt an anvil on the rim to balance them. But they have big gaps and do well churning through the swamp on my...
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    Hey Ford!!! Screw you guys!!!!

    yeah... So Rusty and I used to argue 15+ years ago and then gave it up. He mentions the Godzilla 7.3 gas motor a few posts back. I want one. Ford brought back a big pushrod gas motor. It's 430hp and 475tq. The Raptor 3.5 is 450hp and 510tq. And it makes torque down lower than the Godzilla. A...
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    There is nothing to see here.....

    I had a '74 360 Duster in the late 80s. It was faster than the 5.0 Mustangs then. It was faster than anything, actually. I was in Hawaii and people were renting the Magnum PI Ferrari and we were beating them down the main drag in Honolulu. It was as fast as the new Buick GN. Street racing was...
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    I6 swapped b2

    Sven Pruett. Don't talk to me about Sven Pruett. His book about Cologne motors is worthless to us. He was actually on this site 15 years ago and I argued with him. Our use of the Cologne motor is different than his. He was building them as racing engines. It was in the infancy of fuel...
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    Did you get your stimulus check?

    Well, that's what stimulus is. Buy stuff and get the economy going. George Bush gave us $1,000 way back when. Don't sit on it. I don't qualify for a stimulus check, but I can tell you what to buy to get my stocks moving in the right direction. I am heavy in Disney, and we took a hit. Mickey...
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    What’s for dinner tonite!

    I do the cooking, but I have a tougher job. My wife went vegan after watching Forks Over Knives 3 years ago. I don't care abut food, so I followed suit and made the whole family get on board. Using meat was easy. Everyone likes meat. Now I'm trapped with 2 college kids, 3 high schoolers and a...
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    Did you get your stimulus check?

    What's a stimulus check? Does it involve badges and rubber gloves?
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    The price of steel

    Metals Depot is expensive. I use them for small stuff that doesn't matter. We are so, so, so lucky as hell here in Columbus, Indiana to have the Kroot Corporation. It's been here longer than Cummins. J. Irwin Miller and a young Kroot boy use to play together in the Irwin mansion, exploring all...
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    Detroit 353 (2.6L) swap

    I like it! But...we had a 3-53 in an articulated 4x4 forklift in Hawaii. The machine might have been called an RT-4000. Or maybe the RT-4000 was the better machine that replaced it. Over 30 years ago, so my memory isn't clear. It was in the gun park at Kaneohe Bay and we used it to move guns...
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    Softest, most pleasant to shoot .380?

    My favorite gun is the GSG-16. I've got a holographic sight on it. It's a 22. Can't jam. 190ft# muzzle energy with CCI Stingers. But you can't miss and you can POUND Stingers into someone. Just snap hits into them. My backyard range is 30 yards. 22 rounds mags, all of them into the head of the...
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    Softest, most pleasant to shoot .380?

    Any gun is an effective gun. Getting shot sux, and the eminent threat of getting shot makes people's knees go loose. The report (love that use of the word) is both a deterrent and an alarm to bring the police. That's the first thing. The next thing is, it isn't a civilian's job to stop a bad...