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    1987 2-speed to 3-speed wipers

    I believe the "timer" or delay module is on the left side under dash area around the steering column somewhere. I cannot recall for sure its been about 3 years since the one in my 88 Bronco 2 was bypassed due to a short in it somewhere sadly so mine is just low/hi which is annoying most of the...
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    Safety Recall For Select 2019 Ford Rangers For Blower Motor Issue

    So someone made a screen or cover for the plenum intake? Any links or info on this would be great. Its even worse when you turn the fan on high on vent and get hit in the face with whatever happened to be in that plenum and got sucked through the blower LOL.
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    Safety Recall For Select 2019 Ford Rangers For Blower Motor Issue

    When I pulled everything off the plenum on my 87 Ranger there was a couple of maple seeds stuck in the resistor...not sure if that played a role in only having high speed on the fan, but probably a great start to it, couldn't believe all the crap I found in that plenum. I wonder if there's a...
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    Safety Recall For Select 2019 Ford Rangers For Blower Motor Issue

    My 87 Ranger I think sat under a tree for several months...err like 4 years considering the junk I found inside the blower housing, you'd think that there would be a cover over that to keep stuff from getting in there. Newer vehicles they just install an air filter to collect all that crap and...
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    Safety Recall For Select 2019 Ford Rangers For Blower Motor Issue

    Not aware of any reports of accidents, injuries, or fires? Or they just aren't admitting to them? I'm going with not admitting to them. Seems the recalls keep getting worse the more and more automation that is put into the production lines, and the electronics that are added year after...
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    Uh oh. Another would you thread

    I have so far spent about $13k on my 88 Bronco 2, including purchase price, transmission rebuild, engine replacement...and its still 30+ years old. However, nothing on the market today has gained any interest from me and I don't plan on getting rid of my Bronco 2 anytime soon. It still needs...
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    Plugs Under Center Of Dash 1987 Ranger

    The 2 wire plug from what I can tell in the manual is for the cruise control, I think it runs down to the speed sensor on the transmission or transfer case in my Bronco 2. The Ranger doesn't have cruise control so that plug isn't used. Still have no clue what the larger connector is for...
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    Plugs Under Center Of Dash 1987 Ranger

    Nope factory plugs, been in my 84 Ranger, 87 Ranger, 88 Bronco 2...but the small 2 wire one on the left is the only one that has something plugged into it but only in my Bronco 2....I have no idea what the larger plug on the right is supposed to be for, I've never heard anyone say, and I don't...
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    Plugs Under Center Of Dash 1987 Ranger

    They don't have anything to do with the premium audio, my bronco 2 has that and the right hand connector under the dash isn't used for anything, the left one in the bronco 2 is connected to something and the wires run under the carpet somewhere I assume to the back maybe for rear power for...
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    Plugs Under Center Of Dash 1987 Ranger

    Not even an option in an 87 or 88. No brake controllers no tow package in either.
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    Plugs Under Center Of Dash 1987 Ranger

    Does anyone know what the plugs are supposed to be for under the center of the dash area in an 87 Ranger & 88 Bronco 2? On my Bronco 2 the 2 wire plug is connected to something and wires run down under the carpet somewhere, the 2 plugs in the Ranger aren't occupied by anything. What are they...
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    fan clutch

    When I did the fan clutch in my Bronco 2, if I recall I used a crescent wrench with a cheater pipe on it, let it rest on the frame, and pulled the coil wire off and hit the starter for a second...came loose really easily that way. Just make sure you put the wrench handle/cheater pipe on the...
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    Any Point of Swapping An Axle to get the Limited Slip Differential? 1988 Bronco 2

    A couple years ago we had about 2 feet of snow so I was in 4WD for about a month in my Toyota Tundra, Bronco 2 was useless due to a blown manual locking hub, and summer tires LOL. However, after I got the hub replaced, in 4WD the Bronco 2 did manage to get through the crusty snow/ice without...
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    More Bronco hear say.

    The C-Channel frame found on the Tacoma and the Tundra sucks you go down the freeway and you can watch the bed bouncing along behind you due to the weakened frame underneath....It doesn't do anything for offroad capability, well ok, yes, it just breaks easier the Tacoma and Tundra both are IFS...
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    Rear Hatch Handle Replacement, Now How do I lock the Hatch?

    The original handle never had a key or at least neither of the keys I have would do anything, or was replaced, who knows, but it didn't require a key to get the hatch open, just the mechanism was so worn out it took quite a bit of force to get the latches to release, then it finally just failed...