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  1. 88' Ranger Slave Cylinder Not Engaging Pressure Plate

    Hey guys, So as the title says, the problem with my Transmission is that the Slave Cylinder won't engage the Pressure Plate fingers enough to free up the Clutch. Well here are all the details to where we're at now. First off, my old transmission pooped out so we got a rebuilt one and...
  2. 302/289 Swap into 88 2.9L V6 Ranger

    Hey everyone, I've just got a couple general questions relating to a V8 swap for my ranger. First off the main reason I'm typing this out is cause I just want to get some insight on if this will work or not and what else I may need. Anyway back to the topic at hand... So I have 2...
  3. 1988: Swap 2.9L for 1990 4.0L

    Hello, Well I'm new to the Ranger Station and all and I'm pretty sure I made it to the right place about an engine swap. Anyway to the specifics, I'm thinking about swapping in a 4.0L V6 from an Automatic 1990 Ford Ranger. My current vehicle is a 1988 Ford Ranger, Manual, 2WD, 2.9L V6. I have...

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