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  1. 8.8 in 27 Splines ?

    I was thinking of getting a locker and i remembered that there is a tag on my rear end of the truck and i was told ALL 8.8 are 28 splines and my tag said it's a 27 8.8 and some other numbers. So then i looked for a locker for the 27 splines and i could not find any. So whats the deal on the...
  2. Powertrax Lock-Right

    Well after getting stuck the other night for 2 hours and using a come a long. I have wanted a locker for awhile but now i have a "reason" to get one. how is the Powertrax Lock-Right locker and how hard is it to install? I have a open diff in the back and now want to add a locker to it. How do...
  3. looking for a basic welder.

    Well Im looking for a basic welder to fix some things on my truck like the radiator support and maybe make a bumper. I have not looked into alot but lowes had one Lincoln Electric Pro Core 125 Welder it was on sale for about $390 which seemed like a good deal. Also found one at harbor frieght...
  4. pulls to the side

    Well I added leveling coils about a 6 months or so ago and had it aligned then and then was told i need the bushings for it. So i had bushing installed onto it and then had it aligned again and now it pulls to the right side some when i take my hands off the wheel. I have to keep my streering...
  5. Lance Armstrongs TTX road bike STOLEN !!!!!!!!!

    Some people now a days. :bawling: Lance armstorngs Time trail bike was stolen with 3 other outta the bus over night. :sad: http://www.livestrong.com/lance-armstrong/blog/lance-armstrongs-bike-stolen/Blog:e7230ee9-8736-45d9-aaff-ebad3773fc8cPost:2b85a591-d5cc-4001-a8e7-8d83572b9057/
  6. 1986 2.9. might buy off boss.

    well right now i have a 4.0 4x4 but my boss has his 1986 2.5(?) 4 banger with only 40k not ext cab on it with new tires and brakes on it. He offered to sell it to someone i worked with becease he just wrecked his car and i was like What when he said the mileage on it so i got thinking of...
  7. My truck going swimming.

    My truck swimming at night. Let me know what you think. same hole but my buddys F250
  8. seats from an integra GSR

    My friend has old seats outta his 95 GSR integra and i was woundering if i could bolt them into my 94 ranger. Anyone have any ideas?? thanks
  9. installing posi

    My friend has a posi unit for sale for $100. I was thinking of getting it for my truck for alittle offroad and the winter. How hard is one to install or would it be one of those thinks i should just bring to the shop for. If i was going to do the shop route how much you guys think it would run...
  10. herculiner bed liner on sides

    Who has used herculiner bed liners or something like it on the sides of there trucks to protect it some or just change the looks of it. I saw some pics of it on another web site and it got me thinking to do it to the rockers and lower parts of the sides or my doors or even frame. what are your...
  11. the way my truck has improved.

    let me know what you think. 94 ranger first month i had it.
  12. installing my leveling kit tomorrow

    Im installing my leveling kit tomorrow. I have rough counrty coils and skyjacker shocks. any tips for doing the install ?? ill take before and after pics aswell. also any tips for doing new caster for the alig if i do it myself ? thanks for the help. :pray: