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  1. drop keys

  2. drop keys

    need to drop front suspension 3" on a 09 ford ranger sport due to my mobility issue. will i need an alignment after i install the torsion drop keys?
  3. 09 ranger sport front drop with torsion suspension

    need to drop front another 2" how well do the aftermarket torsion drop keys work?
  4. Need help on stalling issue

    2000 Ranger 2.5 automatic. After it warms up and i shut it down for 15 min. I restart it and runs fine for a few seconds then stalls. Fuel pump is working right. changed the ect sensor and the IAC valve. New MAF. does anybody have an idea what could be causing this? Thanks
  5. Engine Shudders when coming to a complete stop

    2000 Ranger 2.5 auto. Engine shudders when i come up to stop, then idles smooth again. the past couple of days it seems to be getting worse. I had someone tell me to pull the wiring off the IAC valve to see if it would stall. It didn't. No codes now. Last week i did have a lean code and...
  6. 2000 ford ranger 4r44e shifting problems

    2000 ranger 2.5 auto 4r44e 2wd. shifitng hard from 1-2 and delayed . 49,000 on vehicle. anyone have an idea on what could be the prob.? if i shift it manually i have no problems. could it be the throttle position sensor?