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  1. Advice on a gear pattern

    Measured the pinion depth with a ratech guage. Math says . 0274 shim. Here are some photos with a .028, and .009 backlash, 20 inlb preload
  2. Advice on a gear pattern

    Yeah that makes sense I typed it and then realized it prob wouldn’t matter.
  3. Advice on a gear pattern

    Ok I am hesitant running it at .008 too. I am getting .009 to .010 measuring 5 different spots Running with 20 inch pound preload. (I am using a set up pinion bearing) All new bearings, all new gears and differential. The Rearend had a .280 pinion shim originally , but that seemed to deep...
  4. Advice on a gear pattern

    Thanks. I was worried about the pinion being too deep. I do not have a pinion depth tool. I ordered a Ratech tool., and should have it thursday I'm between .009 and .010 backlash. I'm thinking of adding .003 or so to the carrier shim. I know these gears are face hobbled, and a chart I found...
  5. Advice on a gear pattern

    and another
  6. Advice on a gear pattern

  7. Advice on a gear pattern

    Hello, I don't post much. But previous theads have really helped me with my Ranger rebuild. I could use some advice today. I'm working on my first rearend rebuild. 8.8. New Ford 4.10 gears, 20in lb preload, .009" backlash, .027 pinion shim. What do you think of the pattern. Thanks
  8. Hello from Missouri

  9. Hello from Missouri

    Hello, I just wanted to introduce myself. New to Rangers (and Ford’s), but not new to working on cars. I have lurked on this board since last year. I currently own a 2004 2.3 5speed XL. I bought the Ranger, because among other cars I have 2006 Miata. I recently did a 2.5 Fusion engine swap...