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  1. Same problem

    I am pretty sure I did The right sensor. Has two wires on it, one gray and red, the other is green and red. I checked with the schematic and verified continuity between the sensor and the PCM connector. I will double check the wires again. Anything else I can check that you could think of let me...
  2. Same problem

    Replaced ECT sensor and truck still won’t run until engine warms up. Will start and run if you keep accelerator depressed to at least 1000 rpm. 97 ranger, 4.0. Any suggestions anyone?
  3. Truck starts but stalls until warmed up.

    Finally got around to replacing the ECT sensor. Same problem. Any other ideas anyone?
  4. Truck starts but stalls until warmed up.

    Thank you RonD for your quick response. I will check this out in a couple of days. This is a big help. Thanks again.
  5. Truck starts but stalls until warmed up.

    I have 97 ranger that starts fine but will not stay running until engine is warmed up. It’s worse on cold mornings but it will warm up and run fine. It’s throwing codes P0171 and P0174 again. I had the intake manifold gaskets replaced and the IACV replaced and no codes for about a year. Any...