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  1. UpStandingMember

    Free-floating rocker mod with PVC

    Have any of you done the free-floating rocker mod in here? I found some PVC pipe that is just a fraction bigger than what the directions call for. And the wall thickness of the PVC is a little over a tenth of an inch thick. So I was thinking, if I cut this to the right length, do you think it...
  2. UpStandingMember

    Recurving the Duraspark II distributor

    Have any of you done this on the 2.8 V6? Is it worth doing? Also, where did you find the recurve/spring kit? I've got a 1983 4x4 with the 2.8 that's going to be my daily driver. Most of the time I'll be traveling 40 to 60mph, and the farthest distance would be about 30 miles each way to work...
  3. UpStandingMember

    F-250 pulls a semi

    Thought you guys might like this one. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=__JHuo_GooI
  4. UpStandingMember

    10 tooth gear on starter

    My starter is really loud when I start my truck, and I read that I should change my 9 tooth pinion to a 10 tooth pinion. Well I went to Advanced Auto this morning and no luck there. I've been looking on the internet for three hours and still no luck. But I have seen some Permanent Magnet Gear...
  5. UpStandingMember

    I need sheetmetal help!

    Actually I need help finding sheetmetal for my 83 Ranger. I've looked all over on the internet, and can't find what I need. I've looked at LMC, Auto Body Parts, JC Whitney, Raybuck, Certifit, even Googled it, and nothing so far. I've found almost everything but what I need. So I was wondering...
  6. UpStandingMember

    Control-line planes

    Does anybody fly control-line planes anymore? I had a blast when I was a teen flying those. We'd get two and sometimes three guys in the same circle dogfighting. I just don't hear about that anymore.
  7. UpStandingMember

    Hello from the Adirondacks of New York

    Hi folks, been reading quite a bit in this forum and I figured I'd finally post. I've got a 1983 4x4 Ranger that came with a 4 cylinder. I gave that motor away and dropped in a very small 2.6 liter V6. Didn't improve it one bit. LOL So my plans are to someday buy the drive train out of a 1996...

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