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  • With the stock 3.73 rear gears it was a little hard getting going in first, still driveable though. With the 5.13s though, it gets along pretty good. It will light up both rear 31s in first if you let the clutch out quick. With the 5spd I have in it I can cruise at 60 on the highway without revving too high. I can't remember the exact rpm it turns, but it was less than 2500 if I remember right. I lost some mileage, but last I figured I am still getting about 18 mpg in mixed stop and go/highway. Some of the lost mileage can also be attributed to the cam I am running. Edit- I thought about this a little more after reading another thread and I think I'm over 2500 at 60, but not by much.
    If ya dont mind me asking, how well does your 4cyl handle the lift and tires? How did your MPG change? Just curious, I like your set up.
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