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  1. Ty's toy

    15x10 wheels

    Hey guys im looking at buying a set of rims soon and i want them to stick pretty much as far as possible. Im looking at a set of 15x10s with 3.75 backspace and -44mm offset I was was just wondering if any of you guys are running this offset and if so could tell me how much they stick out past...
  2. Ty's toy

    lift increase advice

    Hey guys i got a few questions. As of now i got a 4 inch rc lift on my truck and im looking to go a little higher. Ive been looking at the lift shackles for the back. But would i be ok doing a leveling block in the front or will i need new longer coils? Also will my brake lines bee long enough...
  3. Ty's toy

    4 wheeling/mud bogging advice

    Hey guys im new to this forum and imlooking for some advice. I have a 97 ranger that I take muddin everyonce in a while...but im looking to get into it some more I would just like some advice to make it better and less likely to break offroad Like breathers and such What should I do? Its...

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