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  1. WTB: Full Fog light kit for 93 - 94 Ranger

    Hey Everyone Im looking for a full fog light kit with valance wiring everything for a 93 - 94 Ford Ranger. Let me know what you have paypal ready.
  2. I need wiring pinout with colors for 88 ranger with 4 plug 5 speed

    like the title says I need a wiring pinout that shows the colors of the wires for an 88 ranger 2.3l 5 speed. Im doing the turbo build up and I pulled some pins I shouldnt have so I need to know where they go back. Thanks Tyler
  3. 88 ford ranger xlt Im wanting to turbo

    Hey guys I know Im new Ive tried to search but have found nothing on 88 and under my truck is a 2.3l 5 speed fuel injected ranger short bed single cab. The real issues I need to address is a wiring diagram and wiring in a vam and ecu stuff I found a complete 88 turbo coupe engine with turbo and...
  4. Tyler from Gray, TN

    Hey guys my name is Tyler. I just joined the forum. I really need help I have a 88 Ranger that Im wanting to make turbo I found a complete 88 turbocoupe engine that is only missing the oil sending thing that splits the oil to the turbo and what else do I need I need help finding a VAM turbo...