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    GM's new mid size Colorado/Canyon

    Thought it was kind of interesting to see, almost reminds me of a Honda Ridgeline. http://www.foxnews.com/leisure/2013/04/16/gm-small-pickups-on-way-in-2014/?intcmp=features
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    How to ruin a 2.3 Duratec

    Its not the trans that governs it, the newer Fords I've had hit cut the ignition.
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    Weird weld on axle

    I'm in process of putting my 8.8 under the Ranger and figured while I was welding on the perches I would also weld the tubes to the pumpkin. My driver side axle to pumpkin: And how the passenger side started to weld: Any ideas what would cause the difference? I wire wheeled both sides...
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    7.5 Limited slip to open

    My truck started bucking pretty bad when cornering last night and this morning. So I checked the brakes then the diff; and have found my top spider gear to be "slightly trimmed" on half a dozen teeth. Is it possible to remove the S spring and pull the bad spider (or both) and run it as an open...
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    Warn's new ZEON winch with ranger

    I thought this was pretty cool. On warn's winch site the front picture is of a pre-runner Ranger with their new ZEON winch. I saw an ad in a couple of magazines with the same picture too. http://www.warn.com/truck/winches/line.shtml Thats all. :icon_twisted:
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    A note on exhaust back pressure

    This was in the latest issue of Hot Rod. Since this topic comes up every now and then, I thought some of you guys might be intereested in it.
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    Are the different motors for the ranger equally good?

    This depends on which year the 3.0L is; it didn't get the cam synchronizer until it went to distributor-less ignition ('95 or '97, I can't remember which at the moment).
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    Are the different motors for the ranger equally good?

    If your looking to get a 3.0L, try to get one with 4.10:1 gearing. This goes very well with the motor design, similarly to the four cylinder Rangers. Longevity and the maintenance needed will vary depending on previous owners maintenance habits, as previously mentioned. Driving cycle, driver...
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    Fabrication Supplies

    Just wondering where everyone gets their supplies (spools, rods, flap wheels, cut-off wheels, etc.) from. :icon_welder:
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    Dana 44 solid front axle swap?

    Many choices. Take a look through the non-rangers axle section, or search for solid axle swaps, you'll get a lot of threads with a lot of different setups. :icon_thumby:
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    Open Office software

    Is anyone using open office software? What do you think of it? How does it compare to Microsoft Office? Any draw backs, dislikes, etc? Thanks.
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    Bigger tires gave me better mpg..

    That will affect it. What was the old tire size, and what is the new one size?
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    Bigger tires gave me better mpg..

    Different numbers yes, but they would give you the same ratio. 31"/27" = (31*pi)/(27*pi)
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    Paypal question

    Is there a way I can do an invoice through paypal without having to pay the X% fee they charge? Thanks.
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    Norfolk Virginia

    Anybody in the area, or been there, know of some good places to eat, enjoy a beverage or ten, etc. I'll be heading down there next week and would like to hit some of the local restaruants (not all the big chain ones). Thanks. :icon_thumby: