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  1. Bought a F250!

    I've been looking for a diesel lately and ran across this truck in Texas. My Uncle lives down there so I had him check it out for me. It's a 2001 F250 4x4 7.3 automatic CCSB with 106k miles on it. Here's some pictures from the for sale ad. I'm going to pick it up this weekend!
  2. Finally!

    I finally got the manual t-case I bought from Chance awhile ago put in my truck today! We miss you buddy, RIP Chance!
  3. My 98 4x4 with Alcoa's!

    Took a bit of work to ream out the center caps for the front to get them to fit over the PVH hubs but it was worth the work. Next upgrade will be 32x11.50's to fill the wheel wells a bit better.
  4. D35 IFS help

    I found a thread by Kenny from a year or two ago but it didn't help. I'm trying to remove the 4.10's and aussie from this diff I picked up earlier this year. I've got the bearing caps off but the carrier won't budge. What else do I have to remove to get the carrier to come out with the ring gear...
  5. What's this?

    I know everyone loves teaser threads :icon_twisted: so here's mine.. What's in the box?!?!?
  6. Any car haulers on here?

    I've been wondering if anyone on here hauls cars or equipment with a 3500 series truck. I don't want to drive a tractor/trailer, maybe just a 3500 series with a gooseneck trailer. There's a guy in my neighborhood who does and i'm going to talk to him about it but I was interested to see if...
  7. See what I did there?

    See what I did there? Before: After: Tribute to Chance's truck on my new manual transfercase:
  8. My new set of TSL's

    Buddy of mine was selling a set of 30x11.50's because he upgraded to 35x15.00 TSL's on his 1980 Toyota he just lifted. Holy crap are they big, I should have gotten a picture of those. Anyway, here's my new TSL's:
  9. Built Ford Tough?

    So my old man decided that we were going to level out the backyard. The Ranger has been used for just about everything except for hauling pallets of brick, 4x4's, and 2x4's. Those were put in the trailer behind the F-150. I even hauled 240 pickets in the bed of the Ranger and about 30 bags of...
  10. Epic Auto Fails of 2009

    Funn how the NOS energy drink in the gas tank thread is #1. http://www.iheartauto.com/blog/?p=448 It has over 1.6 million views... :icon_rofl::icon_rofl::icon_rofl:
  11. My 53 F-100

  12. The Obama Song

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8UtL3maK8aU&feature=channel :icon_rofl:
  13. Torque converter?

    What is the torque converter rated at on a 98 4.0 4x4? Is it 1800 rpm's or what? I have a weird noise coming from under the hood (One which I diagnosed to be the IAC) and it only happens when I get above 3000 rpm's. I put the E-brake on, foot brake in drive, and got it up to 4k rpm's and I could...
  14. Radio Interference thing?

    When I did the head job on my truck I removed the radio interference connector/ground whatever the hell it is and I can't remember where the hell it's connected at. Right now i've got it grounded to one of the coil pack bolts and i'm tired of hearing it fire...It's a 98 4.0. Some direction as to...
  15. What do you guys think about this truck?

    http://raleigh.craigslist.org/ctd/1407798798.html I'm thinking about turning around and selling my current 98 that i've practically rebuilt. I'm not too worried about the price. I could talk him down with a cash offer. What do you guys think about the truck though? 9851 miles on an 06. Roughly...

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