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  1. What did you pay for your FX4 Lariat?

    2017 Chevy 1500 LTZ DC 6.2 4WD , worn out original tires
  2. What did you pay for your FX4 Lariat?

    2020 Lariat SuperCrew 2WD purchased 8/31/20 off another dealers lot 220 miles away. MSRP: 39,780 Total discount including factory rebate : 4,600 Maybe not the absolute best deal but dealer gave me 34,000 for my trade in. Car buying services that advertised on TV offered me from 30,000 up to...
  3. Locking fuel door / cap

    Now that's funny! ;missingteeth;
  4. Two piece fenders

    OK, that makes sense. Thanks
  5. Two piece fenders

    Can anyone tell me the purpose of the two-piece fenders on the new Rangers? It has to cost more than a one-piece stamping. I thought it might just be a styling thing but I saw the same thing on a Toyota SUV and a Kia SUV in the Walmart parking lot.
  6. Remove the antenna???

    I ended up doing the same. It fit perfectly and the AM/FM still works. :)
  7. Show us your 2019-2020 Ford Ranger

    Good job! I am impressed (y) Waaaayyyy above my backyard capabilities so it looks like I'll keep mine stock.
  8. Show us your 2019-2020 Ford Ranger

    But it might be my cup o' tea (y) Could you please tell me what Brand kit you used to lower it? Thanks.
  9. Remove the antenna???

    Yes, you bet, anything for a fellow squid! . . . . Unfortunately when I told the wife she told me I was crazy and accused me of being off my meds again. So, sorry, but I can't donate it.
  10. Remove the antenna???

    Time to study up a bit. I heard a rumor that there's going to be a pop quiz for moderators sometime soon. :)
  11. Remove the antenna???

    Thank you! I just tried it and it does come out.
  12. Remove the antenna???

    [Insert clever retort here] OK, so can safely assume that there are other members with 2019/2020 Rangers who have successfully negotiated the neighborhood car wash?
  13. Remove the antenna???

    I found this little nugget on page 261 of the owners manual: Remove any exterior accessories, for example antennas, before entering a car wash. Do you actually have to remove that shark fin antenna from the roof before you go through a car wash???? :mad: I looked up how to remove it and...
  14. Ford performance upgrade

    "Too much horsepower is not quite enough" - some really smart guy back in the 60's. ;)
  15. Ford performance upgrade

    Have you considered that K&N (and others) uses oil in its filter cotton? Placing a source of oil upstream of the intake valves may not be the best idea. I'm not saying that it definitely would add to the carbon build up on the back of the valves but then again it might.

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