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  1. tidmarshsmiths5

    85 2.8 radiator clutch fan

    Alright, I've read up and have 2 guys telling me two completely dif stories: The way I understand it is my fan on my 85 2.8 should not be able to be stopped when cold and once warmed up then the fan should be getting airflow at highway speeds should disengage. One brother says it one way, the...
  2. tidmarshsmiths5

    Cost of new exhaust?

    Alright, I've had enough of my rumble trap exhaust and all the noise it makes...plus it's got more holes in it than a politician's promise... Anyway, from the Y back the guy told me all new (higher flow Cat), he'd charge me $325...just seems high to me...I was thinking probably $200 mark...
  3. tidmarshsmiths5

    Leaf Springs

    I've read the tech articles...on the hunt for some 91-92 Explorer leaf springs (I assume any year until 94 will work "easiest"). If anyone has a pair they want to sell, let me know. Salvage yards are the best bet (cheapest looks like) or would I be best trying to buy them new online from...
  4. tidmarshsmiths5

    Removing driveshafts

    Is there a sticky/best how to on removing rear driveshaft? Yeah, that tink tink noise I've been hearing was the u-joints giving way and the awful vibration noise I heard the other night was the driveshaft falling down onto the yoke but she got me home by George! I know it's just 8 bolts looks...
  5. tidmarshsmiths5

    New shocks; front tires bowed in

    I've noticed this a couple of times now...more so in the last week. After putting on new shocks the front of my Bronco II's front tires are pointing in (like there's not enough weight in the front). Hey I put new shocks on back as well. Gabriel Ultras all way around (yeah, I know but it's what I...
  6. tidmarshsmiths5

    2.8 rebuild planning

    Other than having it durasparked any other gotchas I need to know about? Gonna have the 2.8 rebuilt and fix all the !@#$!@#$ leaks, but I need to know if there are any gotchas or might as well go ahead and do? I'll switch out clutch, put new exhaust while there, prolly take a close look at...
  7. tidmarshsmiths5

    A new "clunk" noise...or maybe kind of a clink pop

    Noticed yesterday when I go to take off or if I've let it coast for awhile and go to give it some throttle it sounds like something is "popping" between clutch, tranny somewhere "down there"...if I could lay beside it and watch someone pull off in it I could prolly figure where the noise is...
  8. tidmarshsmiths5

    r12 and r134a sticker on A/C

    Alright gents, I have a 1985 BII that someone at some point converted to r134a is my guess because I have a sticker that says either is ok...but the can I bought at autozone doesn't fit right onto the threaded port (on newer car the port is a clip on so to speak). Anyway, I'm going to assume...
  9. tidmarshsmiths5

    1985 Rear Window Question

    Okay, so after knocking my head for the 3rd time, I went to the autoparts store to get new hydraulics because I figured there is no way the ones on can be correct - my rear glass raises so that it is exactly perpendicular to the ground. Well, the ones on it are correct. So, how do I make this...
  10. tidmarshsmiths5

    1985 Rear Window clips

    Does anyone know the "technical term" for these and where/if possible to get these? My rear windows have the metal trim and I need to remove them to clean out some debris and find a leak. I removed the bottom piece and the clips were rusted/missing...I was able to slide it back in to the sides...
  11. tidmarshsmiths5

    After 28 years, new shocks

    That's right folks, I finally got around to putting shocks on my BII today...surprisingly enough, the bolts and nuts came out without breaking. I have been spraying PB Blaster on them for about a month...a little here, a little there. It only took me about 2.5 hours (the 1st one took me a little...
  12. tidmarshsmiths5

    Brake reservoir leak

    In my 1985 Bronco II brake fluid reservoir, the 1st reservoir (the smaller one) was completely empty today - it was full a month ago, but when my pedal was a little mushy, I knew that I was low. I've not had any puddles under it - any idea what would have caused this? I filled it, looking for...
  13. tidmarshsmiths5

    Putting on a chassis mounted hitch

    I have a 1985 Bronco II and bought a Reese Hitch off a guy that took it off his 1988 Bronco II. This is so I can throw my carryall in it for hunting gear, coolers, etc. Looks like I'm going to have to drill a couple of holes to mount it up to the chassis; any good ideas out there or any other...
  14. tidmarshsmiths5

    1985 BII in SC

    Little history: I've been wanting a BII since the mid 90s; passed on a couple when I was young - couldn't afford, one I found was a mess, etc. (plus my wife doesn't like them - yeah, I know she needs to go). My favorite year is the 1988 (will buy 1 of these for my son or a 1990 - I like the...
  15. tidmarshsmiths5

    Best Ford Factory Rims for 85 BII

    What do y'all think would be the best Ford Factory rims for a 85 BII? I have found a set of Sport Trac rims (15x7) that I think would look awesome...I wonder if they would fit without any mods? I'm not into running big tires as I'm a street user with some riding through pastures, power lines...

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