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  1. Conversion to 4.0 Transmission Question

    Im trying to convert my 89 2.9l Auto ranger to the 4.0. I have a motor out of a 1990 with wire harness and ECU. As of rightnow having issues tracking down a good transmission out of a 4.0 ranger. So my question is can i keep my 89 auto transmission and just get it rebuilt with stronger parts to...
  2. 1989 2.9l 4x4 swap to 1990 4.0l thats also had 4x4

    So i pulled a 4.0l out of a 90 and grabbed the harness and ECU and believe i grabbed the map sensor since its speed density. What is the rest i need to convert and does my 89 have trans cooler or should i pull that from the donor truck as well, both are auto's and same transmission. So pretty...