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  1. Howdy from Southeast Tejas!

    Welcome, must be nice to be outside in only a shirt and working on stuff. Were stuck indoors at the moment.
  2. new member augusta, ga

    Thank you for your service and welcome
  3. Hello from Michigan

    Welcome from Kzoo my Michigan friend. Too cold to do anything on the Ranger today, just stare at it in the garage.
  4. Rock Sliders.. Anybody Else Have Them On Their 5th Gen Rangers?

    Wow, great instructions! I wish I had your kind of time to do this cool stuff.
  5. LED taillights on the XLT?

    I was wondering if anybody can clear up if I have LED taillights in my 19 XLT Ranger. The taillights are different on the XL trim with XLT and Lariat being common. But the order sheet does not list LED taillights on the XLT. Places like Diode Dynamics sell LED taillights for the XL but not the...
  6. Downshifting the 2019 Ranger

    All I know is I'm happy I can see what gear I am in by pressing the + in D. Technically this does put you in Progressive Range Selection mode but if you don't press the - to downshift, you can see your gears on the display.
  7. Oil change Process

    If I had a little brother at the dealer, I would also do what you do, no doubt. Not mundane work to me at all, I look at it as an investment.
  8. Oil change Process

    Seriously??? I need to know. Who will take their new Rangers in? I have never and will never take a car in for an oil change. Unless you want garbage oil, garbage filter, bad attitudes, stripped threads and half the fasteners missing from the covers. I don't want to include the dealers, I would...
  9. Heads Up: Scorpion Spray In Bed Liner

    Wow, great information, THANKS!
  10. Heads Up: Scorpion Spray In Bed Liner

    Does anybody know if you can get the genuine Ford spray in bedliner after taking delivery? Or is Line-X or Rhino better? Thanks
  11. Hey there

    So you have all the used manual trans Rangers... lol Welcome!
  12. I tried to buy a Ranger today. And I failed.

    Good luck bro, there was just one up here in Kalamazoo with a stick on craigslist. It lasted about 1 day. If I didn't just buy a new one, I would have looked at it.
  13. Auto Stop Eliminator for the 2019 Ranger

    I just think having this start stop feature functioning during engine break-in is a terrible idea. It should be disabled during the first 1000 miles.
  14. 2019 Ranger Ecoboost Oil Change Interval

    Nothing brings out opinions like an oil question.
  15. 2019 Ranger Ecoboost Oil Change Interval

    What is the max time oil should be in an engine? My Ranger is pleasure only and may only get 6,000 miles a year.