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  1. Air Conditioning system leak 1994 4.0L Ranger.

    You can just buy the valves in the service ports, but you will loose all your refrigerant.
  2. 1994 runs ruff 157 158 335 codes

    Look on BBB Industries tech info and see if they have your wiring diagrams:
  3. replacement door speakers, good, better, best

    I replaced all four speakers in my 93 Ranger:
  4. Speaker Upgrade Suggestions for a 93?

    I just bought these for my 93 xlt. I have a sony aftermarket 50 watt per channel head unit:
  5. Dome Light Compatibility

    This is on Ebay: They have more.
  6. OBD1 reader
  7. Wiring diagram

    BBB Industries may have what you want.
  8. Slack in Gas Pedal Cable?

    Looks like you could get 3 zip ties in there. They do not make new throttle cables for our trucks for some weird reason.
  9. Power Window "Chatter"

    If you clean your windows with this: rainx waterless car wash & rain repellent There will be no more problems.
  10. front turn signal lens flew off! original adhesive??

    Ebay has these for $14 or a headlight and turn signal combo for $60 for both headlights.
  11. AC takes forever to turn on, works great when it does

    It might be that the clutch gap is a little too far and by hitting a bump in the road it catches and engages. Regardless, check the power on the clutch is on and shove the clutch in with a big screw driver if it is. There are shim washers under the clutch. This is just a guess, but it happens.
  12. A/C help needed, comes and goes

    Sounds like its low on refrigerant. I am guessing, though.
  13. Fuel leaks while filling up

    I got an ebay one and used it. It worked great. I used the bed tilt method and a 2x4 to hold it up.
  14. Heat shields

    Every 8 or 10 years I put a piece of steel wire on my loose one. Just twist it with lineman pliers.
  15. AC re-charging problem

    For $100 you can buy a vacuum pump and set of gauges on ebay. I doubt that you were holding a vacuum. Suck it down and hold it for an hour or so before you worry about R134a. If it holds for an hour...with the pump off and the gauges closed, maybe there are no leaks.