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Recent content by Tanner moore

  1. Pulse vacuum hubs

    Hi everybody! So I am having a problem with the pulse vacuum hub locker staying clipped to the wheel bearing/hub assembly, anyone have any ideas to keep that from falling out? Makes. Terrible vibrating noise when falls out!
  2. Ford ranger 4x4 front diff

    I’m thinking both hubs are faulty locking, because when I had made the u turn it chattered like a welded diff but the 4x4 wasn’t engaged
  3. Ford ranger 4x4 front diff

    What’s up forum friends, so my ranger is giving me a slight issue, So I had just rebuilt the front end of my truck, and one of the hub lockers was engaged and the other wasn’t, now that both are disengaged, feels fine, went to make a u turn in the truck and front end was chattering and chirping...
  4. Ford Ranger 4x4 problems

    So would that be vacuum lines I need to replace?
  5. Ford Ranger 4x4 problems

    Front wheels stop pulling, haven’t checked the fluid level, and not too sure if the hubs are auto or not, thinking they are auto because the 4wd works great than slowly quits, if they were manual wouldn’t it just not work at all?
  6. Ford Ranger 4x4 problems

    Hi, just recently joined the forum, I have a 1998 ford ranger xlt 4x4, went out into some mud on Christmas night, 4x4 worked amazingly, it got stuck in 4x4 (wouldn’t shift out) but needed it anyways, shifted into 2wd after sitting, then I go to use 4wd a few days ago, was working strongly, than...

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