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Recent content by taco

  1. 85 Ranger 302 swap

    I need help with finishing up my 302 swap. It started as someone else's project, and my father got it for me as my first car. I thought I figured most of it out but now I need some help finishing it. I have a 92 302 H.O from a T-bird that is swapped to carb. The engine wiring is very pieced...
  2. 302 engine help

    Hello all, I have an 85 ranger with what I believe to be an 83 mustang 302 in it. Ever since I bought the truck (after the swap was done) it has been a disaster, when I was just looking for a small project. The last time I started it, about 4 months ago, I had to turn the idle WAY up just to get...

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