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  1. SykoRanger88

    88 2.3 Weird misfire or something else? help please.

    Ranger has a very weird misfire problem. it all started when i was going down the road pretty much with it to the floor doing like 90 or so and it just shut off completely then i drifted to road and it fired back up but it had a small misfire ever since. Wondered if it skipped a tooth or...
  2. SykoRanger88

    Power Steering Gear Pitman Arm Seal Question.

    My truck is leaking power steering fluid from what looks like the pitman arm seal and im trying to order the part but im seeing two different part numbers 8778 and 8779 im not sure which one to get and what the deal is, did the 88s have two different power steering gearboxes or something? Thanks...
  3. SykoRanger88

    88 Ranger Fuel Pumps Wont Work.

    My 88 ranger has a low and hi fuel pump and it just completely died one day driving it home, off like a light switch.I have a new low pressure in tank pump in it, we tested the relays i think one is fuel pump relay and the other is fuel injection relay or something. we checked the inertia switch...
  4. SykoRanger88

    Need to adjust timing, quick question.

    Im gonna hit the ranger with the timing gun since i know its off a little because i just did it by ear a while back...what connector do i have to unplug while doing this? isnt there a connector to disconnect so the computer doesnt go berzerk while trying to adjust timing? thanks
  5. SykoRanger88

    EBSCO ARRC login help

    i went to login to the online repair manual at EBSCO to look at something for my truck and the login auto/auto didnt work, which is the login/pass somebody on here gave me, anyone have a current one?
  6. SykoRanger88

    Wiper Blade Arms Keep Popping Off From The Motor...

    my passenger side wiper lever thats inside that little grill in front of the windshield keeps popping off, the passenger side wiper lever sits on the outside of the wipermotor shaft or wutever, it lasts like maybe 30 passes before it pops off then i just have the driver side wiper going, i...
  7. SykoRanger88

    Got a Shop To Install Camber Bushings And They Got it Farked Up!

    i just recently got new front tires, alignment and they ordered some camber bushings and aligned the camber on my truck...so it was great at first then like the next day i noticed my right front tire is like back to the way it was....hanging all sideways negative camber like crazy so i take it...
  8. SykoRanger88

    Question about 2.3 turbo t bird engines

    those 2.3 tbird turbo engines would bolt right into my 88 2.3 5 speed ranger? and the only modifications would be i think the heater box, exhaust and some wiring? also would i have to take an engine out of a 5 speed tbird or could i use an engine out of an automatic tbird and it would still work...
  9. SykoRanger88

    Is This What i Need To Get The Camber Fixed with 2 inch drop?

    yea i think im gonna stop by napa today and see what they can do, if not i guess im gonna order two of those bushings from summit, i had to get new tires for the front of my truck anyways so i drove it off camber for a while and now there pretty worn lol, i might get the new tires today also...
  10. SykoRanger88

    Is This What i Need To Get The Camber Fixed with 2 inch drop?

    did a 2 inch drop on my 88 2.3, keep in mind its the older style suspension, they changed it the following year...http://www.summitracing.com/parts/SJA-1035H/Application/?prefilter=1 it says +3.13 front degree correction is that gonna work with a 2 inch drop? i have 215/70 r14 kelly charger...
  11. SykoRanger88

    Rebuiding My 2.3, Gonna Add a Little Pep To It

    i wanna rebuild my 88 2.3 ranger, it makes a pretty nasty noise when it runs it pretty much sounds like a diesel, but doesnt smoke and it fires right up and gets good gas mileage, i wanna get it completely rebuilt, but im not sure if i should just get a complete top end rebuild instead since...
  12. SykoRanger88

    Trying to get ready for 302 swap in my 88 2.3

    im just curious to which 302 engines i need to be looking at to be able to drop in my 88 std cab 5 speed 2.3 ranger, i want a 302 and a 5 speed tranny which would be the T-5 i believe, i dont wanna go all crazy i just want a budget 302 and trans conversion, which vehicle should i be looking for...
  13. SykoRanger88

    How To Adjust Camber After 2 Inch Drop???

    does any1 happen to have the Napa part number for the camber bushings? i dont want to get mixed up since 88 was the last year for my suspension setup, i checked autozone and they dont have them id rather go to napa and buy them rather then ordering from summit or something, im gonna get these...
  14. SykoRanger88

    Let's see what's out there....

    heres the beater...lol, lotta work i still wanna do to it...
  15. SykoRanger88

    How To Adjust Camber After 2 Inch Drop???

    this is what mine looks like, even in this pic you can tell its pretty off camber lol.

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