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    Seat bolt size?

    Thanks! I wish I knew what I did with the damn originals...
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    Seat bolt size?

    Any idea what something like that would be classified as at Fastenal? I honestly have never had to buy a bolt for a specific application to which I didn't have an original to compare. Fastenal has flange heads, but like 8 million of them, and I'm not exactly sure what to look for.
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    Seat bolt size?

    Can't do that, driver seat isn't stock and was jerry-rigged in with new holes and bolts. This was done before I bought the truck...
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    Seat bolt size?

    Anyone know what the factory seat bolt size is for a first gen truck? I misplaced my passenger side seat bolts on the Bronco II when I disassembled the interior. Looks like I'll need to buy some new ones, just need to know what to look for. Thanks!
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    Project Budget(ish) Bronco.

    Well, the mechanical stuff is all buttoned up, and she's running good again! Now just getting the lights wired up...
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    99 Ford Ranger 4x4 4.0 V6 --> V8 (Need suggestions and help)

    Basically it's changing the gear ratio in your front and rear differential to better match the size tires you're running. Makes it easier for your engine to turn bigger tires. You may lose a little fuel economy, but you'll gain drivability, in your case, you might get some fuel economy back...
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    Help 87 B2 Brake problems

    I also say, look at the wheel bearings, my 85 did exactly what you're describing years ago. Does it pull to one side? Mine was a wasted wheel bearing, the bearing was toast, and it made the hub super hot, and transferred some heat to the rotors too since their part of the assembly on these trucks.
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    Minnesota Members Rollcall

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    Members By Location

    Hastings, MN
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    BIG NEWS!! TRS will be adding a vehicle to the fleet!!

    I'm going to guess a green 1994 explorer.
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    Is it going to give me any lift?

    Around that, it would be fine for clearing 31s, 32s with trimming. If thats the route you want to go, I would recommend setting up the front suspension first, and then blocking the back to match. Definately get axle drop brackets though, they can be had for about $120, and are totally worth it...
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    Is it going to give me any lift?

    Not enough. With 2.5 inch spacers and 1.5 inch springs, I only got maybe 3inches of total lift in the front. They honestly wern't much better than my stock front springs. There are pics of the results in my build thread. I ended up running a 3.5 rear block, and skyjacker 4 in front coils with a...
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    Suspension Check

    You can, yes, however, you'll want to get axle drop brackets. Your steering and camber, toe, etc will be way off and make it a pain to drive, off road or not.
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    Project Budget(ish) Bronco.

    Well, I took the truck home to clean some of the junk out of the back, took a few pics in the driveway. Unfortunately, the drive to and from the shop revealed that the front main seal on the 2.8L had failed. And by failed, I mean a total loss. It's bad. By the time I got back to the shop the oil...
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    Factory rake

    When I did my block/spacer lift originally, I had a 2 inch block in the back, and about a 2.5 inch spacer (custom) in the front and it sat level. I just posted pics in the "show me your lifted BII" thread of the original lift and my new 4 inch-ish lift...