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  1. 2001 hung in 4 low...

    I have a 2001 4.0 four-wheel drive I recently had it in 4 Low and now it won't disengage any thoughts any answers would greatly be appreciated. As always thanks guys I always look forward do y'all's replies this is the best site ever
  2. New ring gear?

    Ok thanks guys...i will get second opinion..and its just to keep it as had a slight humm to it before and a seal leak is primarily just to keep it in good shape
  3. New ring gear?

    Ok guys im in the middle of a 8.8 rebuild ..bearings races..seals...ive inspected the gears an all appear to be good...but ive seen where alot of ppl go ahead an install a new ring gear at this that always necessary?or will my old ring gear be ok?as always...thanks guys for yalls input
  4. Front diff fluid

    Great info...thanks ron
  5. Front diff fluid

    Ok guys..somebody throw me a bone...ive looked over my front diff in my 2001 4wheel drive to check the fluid...and i cant seem to find a place to check it...just a small tube that looks as if a hose should be attached to it on top of it...thanks for yalls help..ive learned so much here.
  6. Transfer case

    Yes .i figured it out..thanks
  7. Transfer case

    I just checked the fluid in the transfer case...i know by the finger test into the hole how to check it are you supposed to add automatic transmission fluid here... or does it cycle through the transmission. Thanks for any input
  8. Pinion bearing.

    I did use some
  9. Pinion bearing.

    I did as u said an checked it wthout the seal in it...all was ok..there was no slack in it when i torqued i replaced the seal an all is back together..thanks guys for all yalls a rookie at the rearend stuff...
  10. Pinion bearing.

    Ok.thanks..ive got the bearing out an it an the race seems ok but i think since its already just gona replace it...thank u again
  11. Pinion bearing.

    So would u most likely say the pinion bearing is shot also?
  12. Pinion bearing.

    Hey guys ive got the 8.8 rear end..and i was wondering if there should be any slack or slop in the pinion shaft when the driveshaft is off...i also have the main keeper nut off to replace the pinion seal an noticed that there is some movement in the pinion shaft...thanks
  13. Condensor needed

    Yes actually i just found one an ordered it..thanks
  14. Condensor needed

    Im lookn for a a.c condensor for 2001 4.0 always...thanks guys
  15. Differential leakage behind rear driveshaft yolk

    Ok..thanks fixen to work on it an ill keep.u guys posted..thanks everyone for your insight