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  1. Simple swap ?

    I own a 2nd Gen (92) Ranger w/ 5 speed m5od transmission. My question is have any of you out there installed a shift boot and trim similar to the ones found in the 96-97's with the built in cupholders into a 2nd Gen truck? Any advice on the level of dificulty and pics would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Ballistics Testing

    Just curious to see if any of the members have tried their own ballistics testing with pistol calibers and the methods used. I know about the wet pack and gel type tests. Just curious to see if there were other methods out there that might more closely mimic a self defense type situaion. I have...
  3. Complete poly front bushing set?

    Have a 92 2.3 2wd with a tired front end. Does anyone know of a complete kit, one that contains all the front bushings. This would seem a much easier route than trying to source all the diferent bushings individually from the local autoparts stores.( I have had a few bad experiences with...
  4. 89-92 2.3 EGR tube fix

    Anyone with a cracked EGR tube on their Gen2 with a 2.3 knows what a PITA it can be to find a replacement so here is my solution. 1. Locate break/crack/hole in tube 2. With a hand held hacksaw or reciprocating saw cut tube in center of break 3. Remove EGR tube at EGR valve 4. Slide a length of...
  5. sliding rear window question

    Have a 92 single cab with the two piece sliding rear window... would like to switch to a later model single slide rear. Anyone know if its possible w/o cutting the back of the cab
  6. JET Performance computer modules for 2.3?

    I have a 92 ranger with 2.3 and manual trans. Anyone have experience with the JET Performance computer modules that are available for these little 4 bangers? ( specifically the JET 89202). Interested in any noticeable gains and or negatives you might have experienced. Thanks.
  7. Firewall Support Brace

    I have a 92 with a 2.3 and 5 speed. Firewall is separating near my clutch master cylinder. I've been told this was a common problem on the RBV's and that you can find a bolt on support that's made specifically for this. Currently have a piece of lumber (southern engineering) keeping the firewall...