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  1. straycat

    Wow!!! Brother -in-laws Ford bonus

    My brother-in-law is down from Ohio for a few days this week. They bought some property near us and are building a home pretty soon. They came down to see the builder. Today he tells me that last year he only got a $6,900 bonus from Ford. This year he gets an $8,900 bonus!!! Wow. Ford can just...
  2. straycat

    RIP. Max, Gaynor and Rastus

    RIP. Max, Gaynor and Rastus (the riding cat) Jan 20th 1998 Just my usual tribute to three neat beings in the world. Every January I remember them...like it was only yesterday that they came into the world. It has been some time now but Rastus the riding cat, Max and Gaynor (Max's...
  3. straycat

    Ford Troller from Brazil

    Neat little truck....45k in Brazil. Coming soon to a dealership not near us...lol http://www.foxnews.com/leisure/2014/10/27/troller-t4-is-ford-toughest-little-truck/?intcmp=features
  4. straycat

    Straycat's 2012 Jeep JK-8

    Sold my Ranger 2 weeks ago and and bought this at a buddy's dealership in Brandon, Fl. on Aug 6th. Here are some photos of my 2012 JK-8 2 door Wrangler Sport. Smittybilt bumpers and 9,500lb winch with remote. 5.18 gears. My first set of General Grabbers. So far they are really nice on the...
  5. straycat

    Straycat's 2012 Jeep JK-8

    The 99 Ranger is gone. It went to a good home. My buddy bought it for his son. They have been trying to buy it for about 4 years now!! Here are some photos of my 2012 JK-8 2 door Wrangler Sport. Smittybilt bumpers and 9,500lb winch with remote. 5.18 gears. My first set of General Grabbers. So...
  6. straycat

    Sold my 99 Ranger XLT

    Well guys....I sold my 99 Ranger last night. I bought it brand new July 27, 1999. A guy I know has been wanting to buy it for his son for about 4 years now. They came over late last night and kept showing me some cash and promised me the Ranger will have a great home and it will still be garage...
  7. straycat

    BL spacers

    Well, I got an idea for bl spacers. We had a pizza from Pappa Johns Sunday that was real bad....hard as a rock, the veggies were like hocky pucks!!!!! We have had Pappa Johns before and I was not impressed with this crap pizza we got. We may order pizza about 6-7 times a year. This was the...
  8. straycat

    R.I.P. Jason

    Doorgunner...so sorry for the passing of Jason. A true fighter. Bless all of your family. I put this song together and put it in a poem format for all of you. How many times have all of us sat on a beach, a park, a front or back porch with a special someone and saw the earth as it truly is...
  9. straycat

    Great Googly Moogly!!!!! Read this, Guys!!!

    Great Googly Moogly!! You won’t believe what I saw about 40 min. ago!!! I was coming back from the VA Hospital and I was driving on the crosstown in a bit of traffic when I saw in my rear view mirror a small car that seemed to be towing a white trailer. It was moving up very fast. I was doing...
  10. straycat

    Got to get me one of these

    Pretty cool machine. Be like a Jedi warrior. http://www.space.com/17185-hover-bike-flies-on-pilots-intuition-video.html
  11. straycat

    Update on my brother-in-law

    Well, it has been almost three months. This month is his 30th anniversary with Ford Motor Company. He has worked in 3 different plants (he assembled Rangers once as well until 2002). This has been one hell of a motorcycle accident. He has been riding off and on for over 28 years and he used to...
  12. straycat

    Escape issues?

    My dad's buddy bought a new 2013 'scape in February. He went to park it in his garage last night before he locked up for the night. He started it up and put it in drive and pulled into the garage. He went to apply the brake and the 'scape shot right into the back of his garage and smacked the...
  13. straycat

    How hot is it??

    How hot is it? How about this hot?? http://www.cnn.com/video/?hpt=hp_t1#/video/us/2012/07/03/vo-heat-buckled-highway-launches-car.theresareich
  14. straycat

    Update on my brother-in-law

    Well, he is doing better.... just can't raise up or turn his head yet. He can't talk still with the mouth banged up so badly. He can blink his eyes, can't move his arms or legs so well, but moving a bit more than last week. He shows no sign yet of any brain damage. The young lady was cited for...
  15. straycat

    Memorial Day poem (1978) by Straycat

    As I look to the stars I just gaze As I look to the heavens I am in a daze As I look to some people who are not yet free I see a land that people sometimes do not see What makes freedom? What makes a man? What does make a country? Our country, the land of opportunity, Because of the men and...