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  1. stevealvey24

    not sure its technically a classified

    Would anybody be interested in parts from my truck. Rebuilt a4ld, accel injectors. Every sensor is new, only thing wrong is down lifter. Transmission forward.is game. 5.0 swap in the works.
  2. stevealvey24

    need transfercase help

    so i'm using the m5od-r2 transmission on my v8 swap and I need to which is easier and cheaper. Fullsize transfercase or adapter to bw 1350? Thanks for any help
  3. stevealvey24

    muuaaahhhaahhhaaahhaa, it's gunna be alive!!!

    Got the plans finished and starting work soon thanks to a 2.9 taking a dump. 302 with a m5od-r2 tranny mated to the 1350 transfercase. Warmed up cam, edelbrock intake, fast ez efi fuel injection :) Keeping air conditioning as well. So I need help on which radiator to run and keep it propoerly...
  4. stevealvey24

    thinkin about selling my truck

    Cant get it to run right, and may trade it in or sell or it. Aint decided yet. I want a newer ford ranger something newer than 2000. What do yall think?
  5. stevealvey24

    what would you do?

    Im looking at getting a 1995 Ford Ranger single cab short bed. I'm thinking 2.3 turbo swap, but 5.0 with a b303 cam and goodys is sounding really good :D what do you guys think?
  6. stevealvey24

    chance to buy 4.0 for 300?

    Need some serious help on this. I have a chance to buy a 1997 4.0 with harness and computer. Can I put it in my gen 1 and use the obd2?
  7. stevealvey24

    2.9 experimenting this friday

    This friday since I'm off I'm going to do some experimenting and post the results on here. All the parts will be cleaned in a ultrasonic cleaner at work. For the IAC I will pull the solenoid off my new one so no bias can about. I'll be testing both the small and big throttle bodies, as well...
  8. stevealvey24

    for anyone who owns a cavalier

    If you disconnect the battery and your gauges don't come on does these simple procedures. Pull the fuse out that says instruments. Start the car then jam the fuse the fuse.in its spot and should be fixed. Stupid I know lol. I only figured this out becuase today I changed the fuel filter, spark...
  9. stevealvey24

    shake and vibration

    Here lately at 55 and above I can feel a shake, then it kinda quits above 67 or so. It seems like it changes with the position of the throttle almost. jacked the front end up and no play in passenger side and very little in drivers. it also kinda whines at 30 then quits lol. you can feel it when...
  10. stevealvey24

    4.0 swap? which to get?

    Going shopping for a 4.0 motor this weekend. Which year should I'd be looking for to get away from most of the common problems. I'm thinking about getting a 1995 motor if I can to keep the obd1 computer lol. Need some opinions.
  11. stevealvey24

    4.0 swap quick question

    So I'm doing the swap later this month. Will take pics. But got a quick question. Is the 4r55e controlled by a rec iv computer in its earlier state? If so what do yall think about keeping the rec iv stuff but going to a 4r55e instead of the a4old. Using the wiring harness from like a 1994 in my...
  12. stevealvey24

    new issue arising

    When I first start my truck up cold it revere to like 1500 then after maybe 15 seconds it misses for a couple seconds.then picks up like normal. Also warm or cold it hesitates if you get on the throttle slowly. Map sensor maybe messing up? New Oscar and map but that doesn't mean they aint bad?
  13. stevealvey24

    fix lifters or prepare for a 4.0 swap?

    The lifters in my truck are about to take a sh**. Should i just go ahead and pick a 4.0 up and swap it in once I'm done with it? I'd like more power lol. Can you keep the gen 1 dash and keep the yacht functional on the 4.0 need tips and tricks I've been searching through here and I've learned a...
  14. stevealvey24

    see if they do some damage :)

    Pretty much stole these for 60 bucks. 15#ers. Gunna install them, change my oil and filter tomorrow. Be back with the update on how they work :)
  15. stevealvey24

    upgrade to 4 wire o2 sensor?

    Is it possible to upgrade to a 4 wire o2 sensor from a 3 wire? If so what all is there to be done? I'm thinking with the exhaust I have (very unrestrictive) my non heated sensor is not getting warm enough to function properly.

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