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    83 K20 stepside

    I just picked up a parts truck for my blazer it is an 83 k20 longbox stepside. i wondering what gears may be in it. Not that up to date with chevy stuff. The truck is a 4.8 6cyl with a stick and a np208.I belive that the trans is an sm-420 due to it having dual pto's. The best i can tell it has...
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    C-6 question?

    does anyone know if you can install a ranger 5-speed speed sensor into a c-6 or if there is a speed sensor you can put in a c-6 that will work with the factory 1996 2wd ranger speed sensor wireing?:dunno: any help would be greatly appriciated
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    my buddys rig

    i know its not a ranger thought you guys would get a kick outta it. and the neighbors f-150 if you can call it that
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    7.5" axle ?

    how wide is a 7.5" axle in a 96 ranger. need to know because i am gonna install a 58" wide 9" axle and plan on using lug adaptors.
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    2wd project

    here are some of the pics i have right now just installed the 04 exploder wheels the 302 sitting ready to fire tons of room no triming necessary:3gears:
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    hey guys

    im new to this forum just thought i'd say hay. i have a 96' ranger reg cab short box 2wd just droped in a 302 and C6 combo and a set of 17" wheels off an 04' exploder. more to come.