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  1. Snurfer

    front driveshaft length

    hey guys finished my SAS last May and got the gears installed and everything up front but i still have no front driveshaft haha. been slackin way too bad. my stocker is about 2 inches too short and im wondering if there are any stock replacements from a donor vehicle that would give me the...
  2. Snurfer

    MAF sensor location

    hey all im building a new intake for the supercharger on the ranger. right now i have it on the driver side since thats the side that it comes out of the supercharger. the filter is located just to the right of the battery. im going to route it just in front of the SC pulley goin over the fan...
  3. Snurfer

    crankshaft angle sensor/synchro shaft

    i really need help guys my CPS went out and im in the middle of replacing it. for the life of me i cant get synchro shaft out of the block. the housing spins on the block easy enough but i just wont come out. anyone else have this problem? what did you do to pop it out. everyone else says that...
  4. Snurfer

    Jeep Wagoneer SAS?

    its gonna be way wider up front than in the rear. bolt pattern wont match. low pinion. other than that its not that bad really. lots of guys run the LP EB44. if you keep the tire size within reason and dont hammer down all the time you should be fine. i just think running the different bolt...
  5. Snurfer

    Another D30 build. Opinions welcome

    ^^ this is so true. some doods have had great success with leaf swaps on their rigs. as far as already being setup for coils tho with your truck i just see it as the easier route to go. its all preference tho man. you wanna use leafs, do it. you want coils, do it. dont let anyone convince you...
  6. Snurfer

    Another D30 build. Opinions welcome

    if youre still trying to keep it streetable id do the 4.56s. if its just gonna be a trail rig... go 4.88. you cant go any deeper than 4.88s on a d30 and even then the pinion is sooooo small at that ratio. youre also gonna need a 4 series carrier for anything lower than 3.55 gears for the D30.
  7. Snurfer

    Another D30 build. Opinions welcome

    talk to john at ironman4x4 if you are looking to go the route of prefabbed long arms. and running that 2.3 motor with 3.73s is a bad idea. i would go with 4.56s if you are going to use 33s. and get a locker for the rear. you'll be real glad you did.
  8. Snurfer

    Another D30 build. Opinions welcome

    i would go with an xj cherokee d30 95-99. bigger u joints and non disconnect. i did the same swap and opted to put 2003 grand cherokee dual piston brakes along with cross over steering from the wj knuckles. http://www.therangerstation.com/forums/showthread.php?t=80533
  9. Snurfer

    Jeep dana 30

    hey man im just up the the highway from you in sherwood. ive already done the swap. youre gonna want a cherokee axle from a 95-99. bigger u joints and non-disconnect. let me know if you need any other information. and dont pay anymore than 25 if youre hell bent for that 87 axle. that thing isnt...
  10. Snurfer

    ranger sas problem,

    make sure the bleeder valves are located at the top of the calipers. that would be the first thing i would check. if the bleeders are on the bottom of the caliper then you have the calipers on the wrong side of the axle. start at the RR tire and bleed it. then move to the LR and to the FR and...
  11. Snurfer

    Deaver Springs

    just ordered my new coils for the SAS ranger. they are probably the most helpful coil company ive ever dealt with. id highly recommend going to them if you have any questions about spring rates and if you need to order a good set of coils. just an fyi. thanks
  12. Snurfer

    99 sd axles?

    not sure what youre asking. so you want to wait to put a coil sprung sd axle cause you dont want to have to do fab work on the leaf sprung sd axle?
  13. Snurfer

    95 ranger SAS. giddy up

    starting the SAS in two weeks once the rest of the 3 link parts show up. got most of the extra brackets grinded off and cleaned up on the axle. im going to be running a HP d30 out of a 98 cherokee. 760x full clip u joints 99 WJ knuckles swap for cross over steering cut, sleeved and shortened...
  14. Snurfer

    Jeep dana 30 i want the best

    yeah true its kind of a half ass y link. partsmike.com has a legit y link set up that they can build you once you send them measurement for your tierod and drag link. the cherokee steering will work though if you're trying to build on a budget. i would also recommend going with a coil setup...
  15. Snurfer

    Jeep dana 30 i want the best

    you need the carrier for 3.55 and lower gear sets (numerically higher) from a D30( HP or LP the carrier doesnt matter, the gears DO though as all jeep cherokee axles are HP). the larger "shafts" you are looking for i believe are the same in all the jeep d30s. the larger U joints came in the...

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