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    Latest on Ford's little pickup

    I stopped reading it when they misspelled metal as medal.
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    94 ranger shocks torque. Do or do not?

    Factory shocks usually don’t have lock nuts... they rely on torque to keep them from backing off. They usually have a sleeve or a shank that keeps the person on the assembly line from having to think. He has a pneumatic torque wrench that’s set so he cant over torque the nut. That torque spec is...
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    Performance Packages for the Ford Ranger

    Don’t worry everybody... I got the part numbers for the red or blue tow hooks:
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    What is it?

    That’s so the guy on the assembly line doesn’t have to attempt to think.
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    What is it?

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    Performance Packages for the Ford Ranger

    Most people are dumb... They need true AWD with no buttons, levers, indicators, etc. It just needs to be idiot proof. I’ll just leave this here:
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    Do I buy this Ranger?? Educate me please!!

    You sure about that mileage? First gen odometers only went up to 99,999.9, than they rolled over.
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    Performance Packages for the Ford Ranger

    4wd is a $4000 option on a XLT Ranger ($3500 on a XLT F150)... that’s a drop in the bucket when you’re already spending $40+. Around here maybe 75% or more of trucks are 4wd.... we get snow. We could get 6’ or 3” throughout a season, you never know what’s coming. (This past winter we had 2 snow...
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    I broke a vise last night

    Like this entire conversation.
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    I broke a vise last night

    Canadian dollars I assume... that like $20, right?
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    Manual transmission?

    I prefer manual on my toys. My ‘02 Ranger, 94 Cobra, and soon to be Cummins F350 are all manual, but my daily drive f150 has the 10spd and that’s trans is on point.
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    1990 ranger diesel conversion

    We let you sound dumb all the time.
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    Difference between 90 & 95 Spindles

    The 95 spindle has bolt on caliper brackets. The older ones have slide pins and there are ears that will be in the way of 13” rotors.