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  1. Slammin Sam

    BII prices?? Funny stuff

    There have been several B2s on on Bring A Trailer the last few months bring 5 digit prices. Granted they were near perfect examples.
  2. Slammin Sam

    88 B2 XLT 27K miles on Bring a Trailer

    I just noticed this beauty on BAT: https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1988-ford-bronco-ii-4/?utm_source=dailymail&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=2019-08-26 BAT seems to feature Porches more than any other brand, I've seen a lot of B2s with low mileage on other sites for way less money go un-sold.
  3. Slammin Sam

    89 B2 RABS light lit

    Its been months since the old B2 demanded a repair. Jumped in the other day and the ABS light stayed on as did the "brake" light. Fluid level is good. The emergency brake switch works. Brakes work fine. If it was just the ABS light I wouldn't be concerned. I pulled out the factory manual and...
  4. Slammin Sam

    B2 Dual exhaust

    A few years ago I saw a Bronco 2 on eBay that had dual exhaust. I emailed the seller and he sent me the name of the company that manufactured it. It wasn't a custom bent system. I've looked every where, but can't find the name. Anybody know of this system?
  5. Slammin Sam

    89 B2 broken seat back adjuster

    Drivers seat back adjuster mechanism went bad. Worst part, because the back won't return to position, the seat won't lock in the track! A search for this problem turned up one 6 year old thread that was no help. My factory manual tells me that no parts are (or were) available to repair, so the...
  6. Slammin Sam

    erratic tach

    The tach on my 89 B2 occasionally shows higher rpms than the engine is turning. I first noticed it occasionally when the cruise was engaged. Lately it has happened without cruise on. All the other gauges are behaving as expected. What should I look for?
  7. Slammin Sam

    Removing clear factory "protection" panels 89 B2

    Has anyone had luck removing the plastic protection panels without damaging the paint? My 89 B2 has near perfect original paint, but the clear panels look like hell, especially the one on the top edge of the lift gate. I've read posts on other sites talk about using a heat gun and plastic putty...
  8. Slammin Sam

    World head casting marks

    Anyone know what casting marks were on World heads produced for the 2.9? A local guy has a set of used 2.9 heads. I haven't seen them yet but his description doesn't sound like an early or a late head.
  9. Slammin Sam

    New B2 forum

    I see today that Jim, thankfully, has re-opened the forum here. I was unable to get the new forum to accept my login info, in spite of what Jim posted. I was unable to retrieve the info. I emailed Jim for help and never received a response. I realize running this type of forum is a big task. I...
  10. Slammin Sam

    Solenoid failures

    I have an 89 B2, 5 speed, 145,000 original miles. After almost 50 years of driving, I had a solenoid failure that resulted in the starter not disengaging, cooking the starter. Luckily, the flywheel wasn't damaged. I was a few blocks from home so I ran into the garage, grabbed a wrench and...
  11. Slammin Sam

    2001 Ranger Buckets

    I'm trying to find a pair of buckets to replace the 60/40 bench in my 89 Bronco II XLT. I ran across a wrecked 2001 Ranger extended cab. The seat belts are integrated into the seats. Any idea what problems this will cause when I try to put them in my B2?
  12. Slammin Sam

    Late announcement

    I've been lurking for quite a while and have made a few posts. This past March I started searching for a Bronco II. I owned an 89 back in Ohio in the mid 90s. After moving to Colorado in 1998 I bought another 89. After months of searching in late October I finally found a one owner 89 XLT, 4X4 5...
  13. Slammin Sam

    FM145 trans fluid

    After checking the tech area and searching the trans forum, the most recent post to answer my question is from 07. So I'll take a shot at it now. I have an 89 B2 with 142,000 miles and the fm145 trans. I purchased from the original owner in late Oct, 13. I have every receipt since new! It...
  14. Slammin Sam

    Looking for nerf bars side steps for 89 B2

    Now that I've finally found my latest Bronco II, a pristine 89 XLT, I have a problem. My height challenged wife has trouble climbing in. You know the old saying, if mom's not happy NOBODY's happy! I've been searching the web for nerf bars for the B2, without any luck. I can't stand the extruded...

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