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Recent content by skullman949

  1. Not what i wanted ta do but itll have to do

    im a new member and haven't combed the site for info yet but im swapping the 2.3 4 banger for a v-8. originally i wanted the 302 but couldnt find one for cheap. being only nineteen really sux cause the money just isnt there and now ive decided to put in a 350 chevy it would be...
  2. newbie

    hey just sighnd up and just looking through the rides witch btw the is some sick sh*t out there ive gota 95 ranger with the 2.3 planed upgrades: 15in rims repaint 2.3 swap for 302 custom interior lower kit just got it last year and being only 18 alot of the things planed are only held...

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