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  1. silverslug

    Stuck Oil Filter Removal

    These clamp wrenches are really good at removing stubborn filters.
  2. silverslug

    fuel pressure gauge installation

    This is the setup I use to monitor my fuel systems marginal performance. Its on the fuel rail in place of the Schrader valve.
  3. silverslug

    Attention Ford Ranger FX4 Level II Owners

    Another V313A from a 2002
  4. V313A axle tag.jpg

    V313A axle tag.jpg

    V313A axle tag from 2002 Ranger FX4 off road (level 2)
  5. V313A axle sticker.jpg

    V313A axle sticker.jpg

    V313A axle sticker from 2002 Ranger FX4 off road (level 2)
  6. silverslug

    Side Mirrors

    I would suggest some reinforcement inside the door if you do put this style mirror on your first gen explorer. The door skin is about as strong as a cereal box. RBV's that are factory equipped with this style mirror have a bracket in the door. Personally I feel the A-pillar mirror position is...
  7. mirror bracket.jpg

    mirror bracket.jpg

  8. silverslug

    2000 Explorer SAS/ Ranger nose

    Looking good! Do I see that you used the ranger hood latch?
  9. silverslug

    Personalized Tags

    That would work really well with the "blackout" plates you can get now.
  10. silverslug

    What is this connector supposed to have plugged into it?

    anti-theft control switch part number 19A434
  11. silverslug

    Florida Man Challenge.

    Florida man crashes suv into home and lands on couch. https://www.orlandoweekly.com/Blogs/archives/2017/02/10/florida-man-crashes-suv-into-home-and-lands-on-couch
  12. silverslug

    New Wheels 1989 cobra ranger

    Looks sharp! What transmission is in the tunnel?
  13. silverslug

    '83 tailgate question

    Thanks PetesPonies
  14. silverslug

    Fun new game

    http://www.taketotheair.com/register.php?ref=75 :headbang::icon_thumby::beer::icon_cheers:

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