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    2.3L ('83-'97) Is the 2.3 really this slow?

    I have learned that 2.3s need to be spun faster before you shift to keep them in their peak power band... try shifting later than you think you should. There is a sweet spot in every gear where you should be shifting... if you shift before you're in that spot, it'll fall on its face. I can...
  2. Shran

    Coleman Liquid Fuel

    Try burning it out next time... remove the inner piece with the seal on it and heat it up with a propane torch until the seal crumbles away. Super easy!
  3. Shran

    Coleman Liquid Fuel

    What did you use for a filler cap seal? I discovered that my Harbor Freight O-ring kit has one size that is dead nuts on... burn out the old one with a torch, clean up the remains with a wire brush and it's good to go. I used to hate the two piece filler caps but now I kinda like them since I...
  4. Shran

    Curious about the real cost of a 6 to 8 swap

    I had a good running 2.9 in mine...but it had a tired FM-145 behind it and it needed a clutch. I had just completed a solid axle swap in the front and an 8.8 swap in the rear, with 33" tires. I had 4.10 gears which were just barely adequate for that tire size on the highway, let alone...
  5. Shran

    4.0 OHV Motor Mounts

    Anchor seems to be the most popular motor mount for our trucks right now....... they are OK quality and fairly cheap. Dunno if I'd bother replacing them. If they're loose or jiggle around a lot when you've got the engine weight off them, go ahead and replace. Otherwise I might not. They OEM...
  6. Shran

    Coleman Liquid Fuel

    After doing some more research, it appears that it's definitely a reflector and these are used for flounder gigging. I guess you wade around in tide water areas at night and use this type of lantern to spot their eyeballs... then spear them. Definitely not something we can do here on the...
  7. Shran

    Coleman Liquid Fuel

    I've had the eccentric get stuck from fuel varnish, carbon and dirt... I'd take the valve assembly apart and soak it in vinegar. That usually makes a world of difference. I haven't bought anything lately but I've kinda been watching this thing. Haven't committed yet... do I REALLY need it...
  8. Shran

    A4LD to M5OD swap

    If your budget allows for a rebuilt one, in theory that would be the way to go. Just be more picky with junkyard transmissions. If you can inspect it prior to buying one, do so... pull the top cover, look for wear on all the little gear teeth and see if there are any chunks of metal in the oil...
  9. Shran

    Off road tool kit

    It really depends on what you're doing off road... in my crawler rig, I have a lot of stuff including spare fuel pumps and driveshafts, locking hubs, etc... things I can actually change on the trail and have needed before. I do not carry things like an alternator because it is major surgery and...
  10. Shran

    '85 Ranger Restomod

    Yeah, I get that, especially with aftermarket body panels. I just wasn't sure why a factory red trunk lid from a '65 can't go on a yellow '65 (for example)... you're probably stripping and repainting the whole panel anyway and it rolled off the same line that the yellow trunk did. Nobody will...
  11. Shran

    Today's bad luck...

    I sold my '89 long box single cab 4x4 for $3500 in Nov 2018. Use that for comparison if you need, I have pics and a copy of the Craigslist ad... and it was NOT as nice as yours was. I would suggest gathering up several for sale ads for similar trucks that have high sale prices and tell them...
  12. Shran

    4.0 OHV Oil pan gasket replacement

    Your silicone question depends on what gasket you use... some 4.0 oil pan gaskets specifically say DO NOT USE RTV. I would not use a floor jack. I can't see how you could position it to work at all... the engine really needs to be lifted from above somehow. I haven't done a 4.0 pan gasket...
  13. Shran

    A4LD to M5OD swap

    That would sure be a lot easier than pulling the dash... especially on a 1st gen. Getting my fat head in there to see what I'm doing might be a slight problem. I've always just swapped the whole assembly...but I've also always had the dash out for other reasons while doing so.
  14. Shran

    '85 Ranger Restomod

    Also speculation on my part but I'm assuming that if you were buying parts prior to the 80's, you were probably buying actual Ford brand parts to fix your car rather than Duralast or Sachs or Master Pro...etc... and it's easier to find Ford part numbers because there are a lot more Mustang guys...
  15. Shran

    A4LD to M5OD swap

    The pedal bracket? I'm kind of assuming that manual and auto pedal brackets are different in 89-94 but I guess I have never tried putting an auto brake pedal on a manual pedal bracket or vise versa. Would be easier to just swap the pedal instead of the whole thing. I should try it, I need to...