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  • this is the only picture I have actually. If you want I can take some more pics tomorrow from under the truck. They are just a little different from the stock ones. They are taller obviously, they don't have the mounting brackets for the dust guard, and the bump stop has to be ground off the A-arm because the caliper will hit which causes it not to stop the truck and limits the turning radius.
    Hey dude, Thanks for the info about the tires. Just wondering what kind of lift did it take to get 33"s on there? If I had to guess I would say 3"body with t-bar cranked???
    Sorry it took me so long to get back to you, I don't use this site that much anymore. FordRangerForums.com, it's under the meet and greet section.
    Welcome to Alabama! I don't know if Hoz has told you but we've got a HUGE meet planned in Ga Feb 13. There is a thread over on FRF with all the details. As for the wheeling, I don't do much offroad with my truck right now as it's my DD. There is an ORP here in Gadsden that we all need to go check out. Light to technical trails, I'll play in the puddles while you all bury your rides! Again, welcome to Al.
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