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  1. sheep herder

    1998 & Newer specific Ranger problems.....

    Lube your shaft. :icon_rofl:
  2. sheep herder

    Trying to identify my lift situation so I can replace shocks / springs. Pics attached.

    Whoever did it was an idiot. You don't stack lift blocks.
  3. sheep herder

    Farm and Garden

    goat herding
  4. sheep herder

    What did you do to your Ranger today? (Part Deux!)

    It appears that you got it over excited. Quit rubbing it's naughty spots.
  5. sheep herder

    ‘93 Ford Ranger Long Bed

    What kind of weirdo paints aluminum deer hoof rims black? :eek:
  6. sheep herder

    87 ford ranger 302 t5

    I didn't there was such a thing as a 4X4 T5.
  7. sheep herder

    1994 Ford ranger xlt 4.0liter 6 cylinder

    Trade it in for one of these.
  8. sheep herder


    Oh really? 85 mph
  9. sheep herder

    Ford sending Ohio jobs to Mexico

    You can also use a condom. Great conversation starter when you have guests.
  10. sheep herder

    >>> any Exploder / Sport-Trac REAR bumpers fit Gen IV (1999) Rangers? <<<

    Explorer frame rails are farther apart than Ranger so I doubt a bumper would fit.
  11. sheep herder

    What did you do to your Ranger today? (Part Deux!)

    Gotta buy a 2nd Jeep hoping to at least have 1 running at a time?
  12. sheep herder

    Drilled and slotted rotors.

    I wonder how much a tungsten carbide rotor would weigh.