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    For Sale 1993 navajo/1997 ranger

    Welcome to the club. Are you willing to ship the parts ? I'm looking for a complete D35 front axle/suspension, hub to hub. The gear ratio doesn't matter. I Don't need the radius arms or the frame mounting brackets, just everything else.
  2. Shadowrider6661

    Wanted 00 f150 Timing chain cover

    I'm looking for a timing chain cover for a 4.6L EFI SOHC TRITION V8. Needs to be shipped to Arizona 86320.
  3. Shadowrider6661

    '85 Ranger Restomod

    Ain't that always how it is ! I need to make mine look good in a picture, not enough hours in the day though. Best of luck with your truck !
  4. Shadowrider6661

    Stripping paint from windshield trim

    No, I don't know what the chemical is. I do know that there is a couple different types, I had a couple of the canes I designed stripped by two different shops. The first one left the metal a mess that required a lot of work to re-polish, the other left the metal in perfect condition. Sorry...
  5. Shadowrider6661

    '85 Ranger Restomod

    That's a good looking truck.
  6. Shadowrider6661

    Stripping paint from windshield trim

    Try having the paint/coating stripped using the chemical used to strip powder coating.
  7. Shadowrider6661

    4x4 not working right

    Try depressing clutch and brake at the same time, it made shifting my truck in and out of 4lo a whole lot easier.
  8. Shadowrider6661

    Howdy 1997 Ranger XLT

    Welcome to the club.
  9. Shadowrider6661

    How do you remove this clip easily?

    One other thing. Welcome to the club.
  10. Shadowrider6661

    How do you remove this clip easily?

    It's easier to remove if you insert a small screwdriver under the ears an pry a few of them back. Doing this allows you to reuse the clips. To reuse, just tap the ears back down with a hammer, works every time.
  11. Shadowrider6661

    97 ranger slave connection issue, wont snap in

    A Random Thought. Open the bleeder, then try to connect it. I've had the same problem with mine a couple times, the bleeder made the difference. Welcome to the club.
  12. Shadowrider6661

    Thanks for the ad.

    Welcome to the club.
  13. Shadowrider6661

    New member

    Welcome to the club.
  14. Shadowrider6661

    New Member, Low Dollar Truck

    Welcome to the club.
  15. Shadowrider6661

    BlackBII's white ranger

    It was well deserved !