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  1. Wanted fresh/rebuilt or super low mile 2.9 or complete v8 swap or VW deisel or Toyota hilux deisel swap

    Location and I would need a dated slip of paper with your screen name in the pictures of the engine.
  2. For Sale Cooper 37 x 12.50r 17" ST maxx tires Set of FOUR $400 NEED GONE NOW!

    Picked these up to put on my truck, but found out that these tires are to big for my Ford Ranger and would end up breaking my tiny Dana 28 axles. So I have to go another route, just trying to cut my losses. I will try my best to answer any questions about the tires to the best of my ability...
  3. Wanted Brake master cylinder plug connector

    looks like the right part. I'll pick on up and see if it works or not. Thanks for the part number.
  4. Wanted Need rocker panels!!! sheet metal

    Thanks, yea I've checked out LMC and have them bookmarked already. I like to check the forums first before I buy new, plus I am really trying to see if I can get the U shaped upper sections cut out from someone's donor truck around the door jams. That's the real problem area. And the part that...
  5. Wanted Need rocker panels!!! sheet metal

    the under side is gone as well. And winter is right around the corner. Why not try to save a shit load of time by just welding in some good rockers, vs spending days hand forming sheet metal to fit in every little rust spot....
  6. Wanted Brake master cylinder plug connector

    I need this plug for the dummy low fluid light that plugs into the brake master cylinder. I need the plug with enough wiring to splice it into my harness. Thanks
  7. Wanted Need rocker panels!!! sheet metal

    Need for someone willing to cut the some sheet metal for me. For my 1988 Ranger standard cab. I need both the driver and the passenger side. Also looking for the more "rear" part of the drivers side floor panel towards the back of the seat to the rear little "hump" for the rear cab as well.
  8. Parting out truck

    Can you post up pic's of the shorts that you are talking about? Or pm me pic's? I need to get this truck done before winter so something is going to be better than nothing for me right now. Or maybe pic's of the cab and the metal that is left from it. Then I can just circle what I need or can...
  9. For Sale 87 , 2.9L short block free in CT , 89 RWD 5 speed.

    Where about in CT are you? I'm in Springfield Ma, any way we could meetup? Pm me please. Thanks.
  10. Parting out truck

    My apologies i forgot to get back to you, i have a ton of projects going on. I'll go ahead and take all of the mounts please. Also is there a chance that you would be willing to cut out the lower rocker panels on both sides of the cab? Pretty much the entire lower section. The "bend" parts on...
  11. EB 44 with ARB in MASS

    Just wondering if you happen to have any other parts? Or a parts truck, I also live in Springfield Ma and it would be awesome if you happened to have a 1st gen ranger parts truck off hand. Thanks
  12. Parting out a 1988 Bronco II

    I need the plug/connector that plugs into the brake master cly for the dummy level light. With enough wiring to splice it into my wiring harness. Let me know what you want for it.
  13. Wanted 1st gen front fenders, doors near mind to very good cond. Around New England area

    Looking for a pair of very good cond no rust front fenders, and a set of doors for my 1988 Ranger standard cab. It would be AWESOME if they were already sanded down or primer. But I know that's a long shot. I live in Western Massachusetts. So the closer to me the better. I already know who sells...
  14. Assorted parts

    Dang every single time, what i could use is 1000's of miles away. :(