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  1. Electric shift into factory 2wd

    Hey guys. I’ve searched the forums but can’t seem to find what I’m looking for. So recently I pulled the entire 4x4 wiring harness and module, switch and motor out of a donor rig to put in my mud truck because I have a electric shift without a motor and I’m tired of laying on my back to shift...
  2. 94 ranger with 9"

    I'll have to get back to you about angle sitting on ground.. I know it tilts up quite a bit since I put the belltech 6400 shackles on it And it makes the angle in a frown shape at the pinion like in the first picture above
  3. 94 ranger with 9"

    It's not a narrowed 9" it came from a 76 early bronco
  4. 94 ranger with 9"

    Top pic is what it is right now, bottom is what I think it needs to be (angles sent exact just a representation of the angle it's at)
  5. 94 ranger with 9"

    2 different drive shafts, my pinion angle make a c shape out of the driveshaft rather than a Z kinda shape if you know what I mean
  6. 94 ranger with 9"

    Hello all, I'm wondering what ujoiny I need to use to make a 1 price aluminum driveshaft to a 9" out of a 76 eb The moog part number for the u joint I found for the 9" is #280 and the aluminum is #270, both moog p/n. Now the reason I'm doing this is because every time I put a new u joint in my...
  7. Started my SAS on 93 ranger

    Haha I didn't know that asshole from Facebook had an account here. But yeah I ordered the coil retainers from bronco graveyard I'm just gunna drill a hole and clamp them in with that. Steering linkage got ordered up, found out I needed a new pitman arm and a reamer for my knuckles so that being...
  8. Started my SAS on 93 ranger

    Got my track bar mount finish, also got my transmission crossmember finished and installed, and used dell from partsmike.com idea to get measurements for my steering linkage mocked up free website upload
  9. Determine right size shocks for unknown lift?

    Anyone know how I should go about determining what size shocks I should get for my SAS swap? I have no idea how big my coils are supposed to be. As of right now I can barely fit my 38.5s (I'm going to cut my fenders as its a mud) but I'm having trouble figureING out what size shocks I need...
  10. Started my SAS on 93 ranger

    Today I mocked up a track bar And installed my custom bumper
  11. Started my SAS on 93 ranger

    93 2wd ranger 4.0 5 speed Eb d44 and 9 inch Got a 4wd trans and tcase from a parts rsnger Got the rear end all bolted up with 6400 shackles and got the front end sitting on the ground with radius arms bolted up and coils sitting in the buckets.. Mocking up the tracks bar mount tomorrow and...
  12. Dana 44 swap 93 ranger *urgent*

    I'm going to use partsmike.com for steering, ordered a weld on bracket for the track bar and adjustable track bar that I'll be modifying to work, as for lift the front I'm not sure how big it'll be but the rear is factory Springs and blocks with the belltech 6400 shackles
  13. Dana 44 swap 93 ranger *urgent*

    I have a eb d44 I am planning on swapping into my 2wd ranger, now couple of urgent questions seeing as I'll be starting the swap next weekend 1) I read somewhere if you use stock coil buckets with eb loft coils it increases the lift by around 2-3"s? Is this correct? 2) I have the "Y" style...
  14. Factory eb "T" style tie rod and drag link

    Anyone know if the factory "T" style tierods and drag link will work for a ranger SAS with eb d44?
  15. D44 steering and could spring lift

    That is how I want to do it, I have factory "y" style linkage from ebd44 and it's just not enough so I was going to go wit the factory "t" style