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    97 Ranger Sas progress

    Heres a kids 97 ranger i been building for him. He's stationed in Germany and it will be shipped to him soon. Specs: 4.0 M5Od 1354e narrowed hp44 with arb 4.56 8.8 Detroit 4.56 5on5.5 adapters Duff 3.5" progressive rate coils Ballistic adjustable coil buckets Ballistic joints in the custom long...
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    Playing around with some 44's

    My buddy threw on some 38's for summer so i told him id hold onto his 44's for him. Now im tossing up the idea of 60 swap and 44" boggers And picked up a pair of paddles to try out at the coast some weekend, need to find 2 more or race cut some 285/75's
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    Memorial Weekend Florence Oregon

    Doin my usual coast trip but this time the ranger is not pulling tow duty and is getting towed there. Gonna see how the 351 and boggers do in the new setup. If anyone is out and about, hit me up and say hi. Its always nice to put a face to names on here
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    Started to clean up my Ranger

    Started to clean up under the hood. Re running the wires, hoses etc. Still alot more to do but its getting there. Took care of those pesky valve cover leaks as well and shot a lil ford blue on the covers And heres her all cleaned up needing a buff job badly
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    Mud on the Farm April 15th Junction City

    Like the title says mud on the farm is having its last run of the season before the mud holes get filled for summer. 20 bucks a rig spectators are free. Located just west on Junction city. Hope to see some fellow rangers there as i will be there to see how the V8 and boggers do
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    Full width D60 on a 94 Ranger?

    Nope wont work. I have a set of half tons ill trade ya, be there in 30 mins or less. lol Should be fine with proper gearing.
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    Yet another axle swap

    What Wires worked????? That must be why my rears drag, i just learned to live with it but if there is a fix ill doit
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    Open Headers

    If that wont revitalize your motivation, i dont know what will. Fired her up for the first time since the V8 swap and man oh man did it feel good. Smells good too since i was pouring my 110octane in through the carb to run her. Ill have it buttoned up here shortly then a vid. Also got my new HEI...
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    Dana 44 cracked plug welds

    Full width is nice even on the road. When i was running 15x10 3.5bs wheels on my dana 35 i was wider then than i am now with my 38's and full width. So what are you doing with the 2 housings now?
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    Dana 44 cracked plug welds

    Ya tell him its a rear steer high pinion reverse rotation that should get him to believe ya
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    Dana 44 cracked plug welds

    Ya man dont junk em for that reason alone. Otherwise ill have to come up and rob your scrap bin lol. I know several shops down here that would weld those up no problem no questions asked if need be
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    Dana 44 cracked plug welds

    Use your torch to heat it up if the new drill bit dont work anybetter. Heat will make it softer
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    Dana 44 cracked plug welds

    How far is the drill stopping at? Your most likely stopping at the axle tube, its a much denser alloy than the weld. If you can, have someome with a 220 reweld it for you. Keep the other housing in case you decide later you want full width
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    SAS advice...

    Damn too bad I didn't advertise my 78 d44 on here. I narrowed it then sold it for 250 cause I decided to go 3/4 ton. Would have been perfect for ya
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    What happens when you go wheel with a couple cherokees??

    They get stuck, and rely on you to pull em out lol. Went looking for snow today and to beta test my ranger since the 3/4 ton swap. It did awesome besides the fact i was running 36's with 3.54 gearing lol. No action shots but lets say it was some nasty stuff they where in. Heres my lil ranger...