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  1. Vacuum leak?

    Not as high of an idle, just more noticeable with A/C on. On start up its has an unusually high idle as well. Would that show up on the smoke test?
  2. Vacuum leak?

    I haven't pulled codes yet since I have no CEL, I am going to smoke it later today and pull codes, so I can let y'all know what comes of it. For TSB I haven't had any stalling issues
  3. Vacuum leak?

    Hey all! I've got a 99 Ranger 4.0L with a high idle. With the A/C on It takes 5-6 seconds to come down to normal idle when coming to a stop, sometimes the "check gage" light will come on and then go away. I have already replaced IAC valve, also looked at most if not all hoses for tears. Im not...