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  1. Lifting a 65-79 I beam

    Why is this not a sticky thread?
  2. Lifting a 65-79 I beam

    No video yet so here's a taste. I apologize for not knowing how to resize the image.
  3. Lifting a 65-79 I beam

    Update on this truck. Several thousand miles later it's still fine but now it has 33s and a steering stabilizer. On an alignment rack it was perfectly in spec. Sorry I had to delete the video, I'll have to get a new one.
  4. Lifting a 65-79 I beam

    Instead of pics I'll leave you guys with this to close this thread off. I'm amazed at how well this truck drives.
  5. Lifting a 65-79 I beam

    Well I'm almost there. I have pictures if anyone is interested. What I ended up doing was installing the front springs and leveling the I beams to determine the amount of lift from the factory I beam pivot hole. In this case it was 4". I then welded some channel steel to the factory I beam...
  6. Lifting a 65-79 I beam

    I meant the offset camber bolts on the I beam pivot bushing they use on a lot of drop brackets. Unfortunately, nobody makes drop brackets for these and they don't have a caster/camber bushing, just a kingpin on the knuckle. I guess I'll get it as close as possible and hopefully be able to fine...
  7. Lifting a 65-79 I beam

    I'm lifting a 2wd 78 F150 with the older style I beams. There's no camber adjustment besides bending the beam so I'm going to make some drop brackets and add camber bolts. If I had a perfectly level surface it wouldn't be very difficult. My question is how do I know how far to drop the axle...
  8. Some 4.0 Questions

    I'm planning on adding a t3/t4 hybrid turbo to my 93 4.0 and I have some general questions about these motors. Do these have a forged assembly? I've read this online before but I can't seem to find out for sure. Is the exhaust bolt pattern the same between the ohv and sohc? It would be...
  9. Old Girl Bit the Dust Today

    I don't know if it's repairable, since the frame is bent. I had just gotten the 4.0 I swapped running awesome, put an m5Od in, and done a 5 inch front lift, 4 inch rear lift on brand new 32s so I thought I'd go for a drive. Guy made a left in front of me when I had a green light and that was...
  10. First Gen Blower Motor Wiring

    I have an 86 Bronco II that I did a 4.0 swap on. My blower motor hasn't worked since and I finally got around to sorting that out. I see the first gens don't have a relay for the blower and all of my factory plugs are still connected. However, I don't have power at the dash fuse for the...
  11. Alignment Specs

    Does anybody have a picture or scan of the alignment specs for a first gen Ranger/Bronco II. Even a book that has them would be helpful. My Haynes manual does not and it turns out I need a reputable source (not internet) for the specs to file a case against a certain corporation.
  12. Steering Issues

    Took my Bronco II in for an alignment after lifting it and it's very hard to control the steering. I do have a dropped pitman arm and axle beam drop brackets. He got the toe and camber in spec but the caster is still -4.9 on the left and -8.8 on the right. He wouldn't adjust it further...
  13. Bronco II 4x4 Ball Joints

    How difficult are these to do? I've only done ball joints on my 80 camaro and this is a totally different suspension. I'm gonna try and knock all four out tomorrow so any tips are appreciated. It looks like the axles slip out after removing the brakes and hubs. From there I planned on...
  14. Output Shaft Interchange

    I have a Bronco II with a Mitsubishi 5 speed. I also have a 2wd M5OD that I'll be putting in. I'd like to keep my 4WD and I couldn't find a 4wd one anywhere with a 4.0 bellhousing. Will I be able to bolt my transfer case up if I swap the output shafts and will everything in the transmission...