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  1. cam sync sensor ..???????

    Ok im hoping one of you guys can clear some confusion up i have on these. I have a 1990 2.3 5 spd ranger. and the exact same thing in a 1989. I have been chasing a no spark problem off and on for a few days in my 1990. the 89 was just bought for a clean shell. im building a drag truck out of...
  2. Baffled ????????

    So the other night late after I left my shop the local sheriff decided to harass me. They like to violate your freedoms around here but that is another topic much larger than most. But back on track his reason to stop me was as he rifled through the large gap between his ears was my 3rd brake...
  3. Heidts or fatman fab mustang ll front end..?

    Hey guys I was wondering if anyone has put a mustang ll IFS under a Ranger. Im building a V8 1989 Ranger. Im going to remove the entire cross member, and twin I-beam set up out from under it. The idea behind that is that it will not only shed quite a few lbs off the nose, but provide better...

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