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  1. Blower speeds failing over time

    I think this one was Standard. I bought it at a local FMP and they have a lot of good stuff but they do sometimes stock junk. I will need to order one off of eBay and replace it again. Thank you for the heads up.
  2. Blower speeds failing over time

    I'm curious how finicky these are, or, how bad the stock fan motor is in terms of variability? The truck heats and cools just fine so maybe it's just me being picky. But, I put in a new one about a year ago because mine only functioned on the highest speed as well, but I still feel like the...
  3. Navigation w/o dashboard modifications?

    Hi guys - I have a 2003 Ranger with the original head unit and speakers. It works fine and I actually have no need to change it, but I'm curious if there is a way to add a navigation head unit to this dashboard without making modifications? I was looking on Crutchfield and it looks like the...