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    93 4/5 Drop Help.

    the flip kit alone will place the axle within 2 inches of the chassis. for 5+ inch rear drops a mini notch is recommended to recover some of the rear travel you'll loose. mini notches just bolt right up to the frame.
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    replace 2.3 DOHC with SOHC

    Not to mention putting in a sohc would be a wiring nightmare too. just replace the engine. putting in a sohc is essentially a downgrade, since the dohc has more power and matches the sohc in terms of reliability. I've owned both and they were both bulletproof engines, but the dohc was my...
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    Engine Tap

    old thread but from what i've learned searching through some threads on here is that its normal; these 2.3's are notoriously noisy engines, don't worry about it. mine with 70k on it did it
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    1K post! And sold ranger

    I'd just like to share that i finally attained my 1000th post! :yahoo: It's also sad because I sold my ranger :sad: 2wd just wouldn't cut it for Moscw winters and I had hopes of finding a 3rd gen 4.0 4wd 5spd but everything that surfaced was way over priced and had too many miles. So a few...
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    98+ DJM Upper Control Arms Too Wide For Frame

    see this is an example when you should see when the op was last online and then pm him and not bring up a year old thread.
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    Poor Mans Leveling and traction control kit

    this is a good way to ruin leaves
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    no duratec info in tech library?

    or you could just pull a turbocoupe engine and throw it in a ranger its probably better than ebay kits. and no you'll encounter way more problems than what its worth trying to do a duratec swap
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    Lowering stuff for sale...

    Just a guess
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    Lowering stuff for sale...

    i'd be all over this if i wasnt paying for tuition right now haha. GLWS
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    Coil spring interchange

    why dont you cut the coils youre gonna buy and keep the originals in case you dont like it?
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    no duratec info in tech library?

    no its fine i have a haynes manual
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    no duratec info in tech library?

    well nothing in particular, but it would be nice to have a page to reference to from time to time, know what i mean? i guess i could go troll on the focus forums and see what i find but even when you do a search there isnt really any solid tips, info, etc
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    1" drop? Any suggestions?

    a barely noticeable drop is definately not worth the effort
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    too low?

    nice "fuel cell" haha