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  • Ok - Ok - I'll post some pics. You have to understand that I'm a UT (University of Texas) guy. Having a Texas A&M Maroon truck is just nasty. I've posted about cleaning my alcoas. Once I get them cleaned I'll put up some pics. You're just intimidating with all the stuff you've done:-} I'm just a lamo
    yeah i saw that
    nice dog!!
    yeah post up some pics!, u need to upload them to a photo host, like image shack or photobucket.
    the user profile allows u to upload pics directly from the pc too i think
    ohh shame, but at least u dont have to drive!, wait for next year!!
    prolly u are like: dont worry son its ok... and in your inside: hell yes!! im not driving!!
    yeah u post those!
    and good luck to your son man!
    i bet hes pretty flexinle, lol. he can help u out when u need to change the oil lol
    yeah i thought the premium was a bit u know, cooler, but oh well we can laugh anywhere lol
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