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  1. Robert_1967

    Question about TC's

    How do you tell if a TC is going bad or going out?? do they go out all at once or do they go out slowly?? How do they go out?? The reason I ask is that my 89 BII is taking it's time shifting into gear, and I had the trans fluid and filter changed, and no help, the levels are fine, and I took it...
  2. Robert_1967

    suggestions for a od auto

    I'm building a 302 powered ranger, and I have a C4, but my rear end is a 3.27 gear, and that is going to have my rpms running high when on the interstate. what is a good transmission with od that would work on a 302, and not have a computer???? the engine and trans came out of a car that had a...
  3. Robert_1967

    My Ranger II

    Well it's official, I now have a V8 Ranger. I lost my build tread, and I'm just too lazy to find it right now, but this truck started life with a leaky 2.3 4 banger that had to fall out of a tree to get going, and it had a 5 speed. HERE IS MY OLD TREAD from when I first started this mess...
  4. Robert_1967

    V8 302 swap info needed

    I just got my "Universal Remote Filter Mount kit" part number 291 from Rockauto.com. my only problem is that I don't know what oil filter to use on it. can someone help me out here, I sent a message to the Rockauto people, but who knows if I get a answer from them. Robert p.s. I was going...
  5. Robert_1967

    alternator question

    Does Ford make a one wire alternator they way cheby does?? I'm using a engine from a 75 Mustang, and I want to get rid of the voltage regulator on the side of the fender well. I'm also wanting to use the old Ford brackets, so if any one knows what all years of alts and from what vehicles will...
  6. Robert_1967

    Little Help with a 302 that is getting swapped in

    I have a 1975 302, I know, it's a low compression 130hp engine, but I'm tight on funds, and this was done in a trade, also the engine I thought had never been rebuilt, has been rebuilt, it's been bored .10 over. any how my question is, how hard is it to change the rear main seal with out...
  7. Robert_1967

    What cost me 100.00 and 1.5 days labor

    Thanks, I need to get new radius arms bushings, and new little plastic pieces that the coil sits on, but I'm happy as a lark with them. Now I just need to install them, but I'm going to wait till I get the engine mounted. Robert sent with a rooted picture of a cat and a ice cube.
  8. Robert_1967

    302 Oil pans

    I have a 1975 Mustang II that i'm using the engine for my 88 ranger, i was told it had a double hump oil pan, but it doesn't, it has the front sump. So my question is, what years and make of cars/trucks that have the 302 double hump pan will work on my 75 302??? also what all years of 302's...
  9. Robert_1967

    What cost me 100.00 and 1.5 days labor

    There was a guy on Craigslist that bought a 91 Ranger that had these on them, and was raised up in the back, type about a rake, anyway he couldn't use the truck as a work truck and asked if anyone would buy these for 100.00, or trade a standard set for them installed. I bought 4 new ball joints...
  10. Robert_1967

    Buffing/Polishing Wheels

    My friend has a buffing wheel on a bench grinder that looks like a stone grinding wheel, but it's soft and made for polishing, and for the life of me I can't find anything online about the wheel, of course I don't know what the wheel is called. SO if anyone has seen this kind of polishing...
  11. Robert_1967

    too low?

    well that was just the first I ran across, I'm sure someone somewhere makes a drop spindle for a first Gen Ranger, but oh well. Robert sent with a PBJ and a Budweiser.
  12. Robert_1967

    Mustang II front Suspension question

    Trust me, I wish I could afford to buy a MII kit, or even a FatMans kit, but this is going to be the cheapest I can get away with. I'll check on that Steve site, next month if there is a somewhat pretty day, I'm going to Pull-A-Part, and see what parts I can get, so come this spring when the...
  13. Robert_1967

    Mustang II front Suspension question

    I'm going to mark and cut the frame on my Ranger, then cut the Mustang II frame, then graft it to the Ranger frame, the same way people do Nova front clip on the old cars. This way I'm not changing any thing about how it's going to travel, plus the Motor mounts are already in place where they...
  14. Robert_1967

    Mustang II front Suspension question

    well after doing some searching, I figured out I can use Granada rotors, BUT I have to use GM calibers, THAT ISN'T GOING TO WORK FOR ME, so I guess one day I will have to take a picture and some measurements of the Mustang II spindle and see what the difference is between the Granada spindles, I...
  15. Robert_1967

    too low?

    Found this with googling Ranger drop spindles http://www.andysautosport.com/spindles/ford_ranger.html Robert posted with a loud tv playing.

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