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    The Most Common Hardware for 1987 Ranger Restore?

    Over the years I've just made it a point to save extra OEM hardware, and to collect it during junkyard runs. I too prefer to keep the fasteners stock, and can usually replace a bad or rusted fastener from my collected "stash". Besides looking on eBay, I don't know of a good source for OEM...
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    Rogue Wire

    If you're talking about the radio that's in the dash is missing, using the original power wire would be the best choice, even if the original plug has been cut off. The original switched wire (yellow/black if I remember correctly) will be properly powered in the ignition "run" and "acc"...
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    Rogue Wire

    Just noticed it was your first post; sorry, I forgot to say "welcome". Don't sweat being "green" on working on your own stuff. This is the right place to learn, without getting beat up.
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    Rogue Wire

    That's exactly what it is. With that free end cut wire, what ever it used to supply looks to be gone. In that case, you ought to just remove the fuse holder from the truck. Follow the uncut side back to it's source and disconnect it. Most times, added fuse holders were plugged into fuse box...
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    1988 4x4 Kenny Brown Shotgun Custom???

    Looks like you made a nice score. What I'm seeing as aftermarket (or as dealer-installed) parts are the cab visor, hood scoop and tailgate trim cap, and the pin stripe side graphics. All of these look likely as being originally installed when the truck was new. There may have been some...
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    Its A4LD time again...

    I don't know if you've seen this, and if I remember right, I think that this thread over at explorerforum covers a lot of the newer parts upgrades to the A4LD:
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    Free Many parts to good homes

    No problem, and thank you, I do appreciate your reply. Good luck!
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    Free Many parts to good homes

    Way to go! Good for you, for "sharing the goodness". I hope that you get a good response on your generous offers. By chance, would you have a set (upper and lower) of steering column covers, for an '89-94 second-generation interior, manual transmission with tilt wheel? I'm close to you, and...
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    Oil pump recommendations

    Thanks for the replies so far; very much appreciated. It is the high volume pump that I'm considering. The engine seems to be in good shape, just had a sudden loss of oil pressure. After the oil and filter change the motor did run quieter, but the pressure is still too low. In going with the...
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    List of quality parts.

    I've also had good luck with Walmart batteries.
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    Oil pump recommendations

    Any new consenus here, stock or high-volume oil pump? Background. The other day I suddenly lost pressure on my (stock) '90 B2 2WD. Truck has a stock working dash "gauge" and an added mechanical pressure gauge. With some revs the mech gauge would show a few pounds. Motor ticked a little, did...
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    FM signal worse than AM?!

    Hood grounding is mainly to reduce electronic interference static on the AM side. I can't think of anything external to the radio which would cause loss of reception on the FM side. If it was antenna problem it would affect AM side more than FM. I'm trying to remember; doesn't the factory...
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    Zimmer edition?

    You did real good; that's a great score on a rare truck. Thanks again for showing us such a "blast from past" gem. And don't be a stranger; if you have any questions post 'em up. This is a great forum, and there's some real knowledgeable people here.
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    Thinking online forums are going extinct...

    Welcome! In my opinion, the 2.3L is a great engine (my favorite, actually). I have a '94 2.3 XLT, too. It gave me almost 400k miles before it finally got tired, and I had to turn it into a yard ornament. Still have it, and one of these days I plan on going through it and putting it back on...
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    Zimmer edition?

    I'm amazed that the curtains are still intact, and look to be in good shape. They usually faded quickly and became so brittle they'd just fall apart after just a few years. The B2's tinted side glass helped, I'm sure, but even the paint looks to be good. I don't think that this truck sat out...