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    Duraspark - not the usual questions

    1984 2.8, C3 auto, 2WD. I'm in the process mapping out the Duraspark conversion, which will include some major rewiring (power distribution box in place of the fusible links), valve stem seals and adjustment, and a thorough cleaning up of the engine bay. I'm keeping the Motorcraft 2150A, with...
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    The Old Girl gets a cheap facelift

    Well, the old truck was getting a little ragged looking, so I decided to try my hand at painting her up. But, I didn't exactly have a lot of money to put into this project. Here's how she looked back in April. And, here's how she looks now. I spent a grand total of $218.09, not...
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    Plug problem- thoughts, anyone?

    My '94 2.3L keeps busting the insulator around the center electrode on the spark plug in number 3 cylinder. It's happened 3 times now, so I'm thinking I've got some detonation or something going on in that cylinder. I'm considering trying higher grade gas, and also trying a Seafoam treatment...
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    Ranger in the news.

    Kind of nice to see the Ranger in a favorable mainstream news article.,2933,398547,00.html Ya gotta click through the article to get to the #1 top choice.
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    Best ball joints?

    I'm looking for advice or opinions- what are the best replacement ball joints? OEM Ford or aftermarket? What brand of aftermarket is best? The truck in question is a 1994 2WD, and thanks in advance for any thoughts.
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    3,000 Members

    I just noticed that we've gotten the 3,000th member. Hooray for the new TRS! :clapping:
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    Good spray paint?

    Anybody have any recommendations for a good brand of rattle-can spray paint? I'm painting my tool boxes, and I'm looking for something that's formulated to dry extra hard, to be as chip and scratch resistant as possible. I'd like to not hassle with a spray gun or epoxy paints, so I'm looking...
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    Seeing the progress.

    The Styling & Electrical forums are back! Thank you!!! Ya'll 'r doing good work guys; this place is being put back together pretty damn good and quick, and I'm liking using the new stuff. Thanks, Jim and Staff.