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  1. Height difference rear to front

    Ok cheers that’s what I wanted to know
  2. Height difference rear to front

    Wondering what is normal rake on 2WD Rangers. I think my back end is sagging or maybe it’s normal. My rear is only half inch higher then the front. Was thinking of putting 1.5” lift blocks in since my truck has no blocks at all.
  3. Ranger Front wheel bearing 2WD

    The front wheel bearings on the 2wd are the weak point. I’ve had them get fried in less then two years.
  4. headlight warning chime

    so I keep having the problem off leaving my key in the ignition or lights on because the warning chime doesn't come on. When I open the door or turn the ignition on I can hear it though. I'm thinking maybe someone disabled it? I read that it's located behind the radio on the left but I took...
  5. O2 sensor brand?

    My 2005 ranger has 125000 miles on it but I find I'm only getting about 16-18 mpg. It's stock except for the fact I run winter tires all year atm and it's well maintained. I read that O2 sensors wear out and can reduce gas mileage so I was thinking it may be worth replacing them. I found...
  6. Groove worn in drum brake pads

    I had my trucks front brakes overhauled and they did a inspection a few months ago and told me my back brakes were fine for awhile. I was changing tires and decided to check the back brakes and found that the passenger side brake pads had grooves worn in them. The driver side is starting to do...
  7. explorer 8.8 cost to install?

    I have a 05 Ranger with 3.0. I tow a lot of garbage with it for work using both a trailer and stuff in the bed. I'm thinking when I get the money I would like a 8.8 axle with limited slip and higher gearing. I understand the Explorer 8.8 is much beefier but it sounds like it takes a fair bit...
  8. new ball join leaking?

    I had the ball joints replaced on my truck two months ago and the one upper ball joint boot seems to have come loose on the bottom and is leaking grease. Is this a issue or normal? [/URL][/IMG]
  9. Dome light when turning

    I have an unusual problem. My dome light and the warning light for my door being ajar come on every time I make a hard right turn. It seems to do it more often lately. It's a 2005 ranger with four doors. I read that the switch is part of the actual door latch is that right? I figure it's...
  10. identify these wheels?

    Hi all, just got a Ranger and have found this website really helpful so far! My truck came with these alloy wheels that I cant id and was hoping someone here may know. They are 15" rims and they have a very thin spacer behind them. Does this spacer seem safe to keep on? it looks pretty flimsy...